Tommy Hilfiger Wife {Aug 2022} Fetch The Personal Info!

Complete Information Tommy Hilfiger Wife

The below article is carefully jotted down to give you all updates and answers to the queries like who is Tommy Hilfiger Wife and so on.

Do you always awestruck whenever you see Tommy Hilfiger’s cool collections? Is it also. your dream to shop ultimately from that brand? If yes, that’s the same craze of many Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia dwellers. It isn’t only a popular brand but quite expensive too. 

And, recently the founder of Tommy Hilfiger Company is trending everywhere. People are suddenly curious to know his life history and other personal details. If you’re also one of them, keep on reading this article to get information like who’s Tommy Hilfiger Wife was and many more

Detailing Tommy’s Spouse-

Tommy is an American well-known style maker whose life has been an inspiration to many. In the year 1976, destinies pushed two souls to meet and Tommy met Susan Cirona. He then married her in 1980 but the marriage lasted only 20 years. 

And, in 2000, Tommy and Susan parted their ways. He then decided to remarry and after a huge gap of 8 years, he got married in 2008 to Dee Ocleppo. She’s also a fashion inventor and an entrepreneur. 

What about Tommy Hilfiger Children

When Mr. Hilfiger was married to Ms. Susan, the couple had 4 children together. Susan gave birth to one son and three daughters. Ally, Rich, Elizabeth, and Katherine are Tommy’s children from his 1st marriage to ex-wife Susie. 

In total, there are 5 children of Thomas Jacob Hilfiger. The 5th one was born in 2009 is his last child Sebastian Thomas Hilfiger. His mother is the second wife and current wife of Tommy who is Dee Ocleppo. The kid is now 13 years old and unfortunately autistic. 

More on Tommy Hilfiger Net Worth 2022? 

We understand the level of curiosity of our readers regarding the personal life of Mr. Hilfiger. He’s an extremely prominent personality whose brand is incredibly luxurious. People dream to commemorate the importance of his traditional fashion with a contemporary wrench. 

So, Tommy’s estimated net worth this year is $450 million. It’s not only a net worth but the consequences of his blood sweat earnings since the age of 18 years old. Now, he’s a 71 years old business tycoon and a perfectly successful person for many. 

Why is He Trending Nowadays? 

Many queries related to Tommy like How Old Is Tommy Hilfiger Wife and many more are trending nowadays for no specific reason. Let us tell you that Dee Ocleppo is a 55 years old well-known woman. 

She is 16 years younger than his husband. We just want to tell you that you don’t need to feel nosy about yourself by searching for such topics. It’s just a human mind and human nature to seek a variety of knowledge. We’re always here to settle your dilemmas. 


Tommy Hilfiger is a personality who is almost always in ambitious people’s minds. Several questions related to Tommy Hilfiger Kids, his wife, net worth, etc can come to your senses as well. Hope we have responded to all your concerns and determined all your predicaments. 

We have compiled all the basic information based on the internet. Kindly click here to visit the official website of Tommy Hilfiger. What’s your beloved accessory of this brand? Please comment. 

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