Tkarrie Reviews (Mar 2021) Is This Safe Shopping Site?

Tkarrie Reviews 2021

Tkarrie Reviews (Mar 2021) Is This Safe Shopping Site?->Is the store offer well-furnished goods for our homes? Please read the article to know the answer.

Are you looking for a store that has a collection of all the needy items that you want? In today’s article, we will share Tkarrie store details with you that sell different kinds of tables and furnished goods that can make your room look beautiful.

In the United States, people love to use goods in their homes that can enhance their rooms. Moreover, by knowing some specific details of the store, we will try to know the site in a better way. We will explore Tkarrie Reviews in the article to check the legitimacy of the store.

What is Tkarrie?

Tkarrie is a portal which sells dressing tables, center platform table, and coffee table. The site has a unique chair for gamers, which can offer full comfort while playing. We often look for big storage boxes where we can put all our essentials. So, to provide you ease, a super storage box is offered by the store.

The site has an intelligent online customer service section in which all the network-related questions faced by the people while ordering products online have been answered. This particular feature is usually absent on other portals.

The products of the site seem to be unique and eye-catchy, but after knowing Tkarrie Reviews, we will learn how effective the portal is in creating its impression on people.

The holiday sale of the tkarrie store has been started so that people can feel at ease in purchasing all that they love to have from the portal.

Specifications of Tkarrie

  • Type of site- an e-commerce site with needy goods.
  • Payment methods – PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, Amex
  • Time taken to deliver items – international delivery take 7-10 business days
  • Return policy – 14 days are given to return products
  • Refund policy – Available
  • The email address of the company –

Pros of Tkarrie

  • The site has a wonderful collection of storage boxes and tables.
  • It offers to ship its item worldwide.

Cons of Tkarrie

  •  Tkarrie Reviews are not found.
  • No social media icons are available on the portal. Even the page of Tkarrie was not found on the social media platform.
  • The contact details seem to be suspicious.
  • Insufficient details of the company
  • The domain age is less.

Is Tkarrie Legit?

Tkarrie is a news portal. It was registered on 18 February 2021. It neither has a social media presence nor social media icons are available on the site’s main page. It has not shared details about how the Tkarrie store came into existence.

The absence of Tkarrie Reviews also makes people doubtful about investing money in the portal.

Only an email address is shared for contact, and that too seems to be suspicious as the domain name is not contained in it. It would cause trouble to people.

Tkarrie Store follows a strict return policy and has given only 14 days to return items. Moreover, the cancellation of the products can be made before the shipping process starts, as, after that, no order can be canceled.

The store seems to be new and suspicious. We suggest our readers avoid using Tkarrie store for purchasing furnished goods.

What are Tkarrie Reviews?

People of the United States have not shared their opinions yet. The absence of a portal on the social media platform made it more difficult to know people’s reactions. It seems that people are not ready to put Tkarrie’s product in their carts due to the site’s newness.

But the company is waiting to get feedbacks from people. The site has many red flags, due to which it does not attract buyers. Though the holiday sale offers a good deal, no one has accepted it yet.


Tkarrie store sells an eye catchy white dressing table that will enhance the place where it is kept. Tkarrie Reviews are not given, and the portal also seems to be new and scam. You may get products at a low rate from the site, but there is not a surety whether you will be happy with your purchase or not.

Our suggestion to all the readers is to avoid using the Tkarrie store and explore another portal on the internet. Tkarrie needs some time to get explore the online shopping world.

Have you made your purchase from the Tkarrie store? Do the products reach out safely? Please share your views in the comment section.

11 Comments on “Tkarrie Reviews (Mar 2021) Is This Safe Shopping Site?”

  1. Thank you for sharing your opinion on this store. I was skeptical but liked an item it just seemed too inexpensive, so I googled the store and found your feedback. I appreciate the feedback as I lost a lot of money ordering during covid 2020 and PayPal does not stand behind stores that close accounts after they rip people off.

    1. same here. This is the only topic I found on the Company. I will not be ordering…too Good to be true.

  2. The advantage to using Paypal is that they WILL protect your investment if if fails to be legit. Keep screenshots of everything you order and all correspondence. I had an issue with a similar site (the item was never shipped until I put in a complaint, and then it was pure JUNK) and Paypal refunded the amount within a week of the claim. If this place is real- it’s a great investment. If not? What do you have to lose?

  3. I ordered a locker table. I received a tracking msg from USPS saying it was delivered to my mailbox. Why would they leave it there and not on my door step? It was either stolen or never delivered. All the email addresses to request help are fake! Shocker.

  4. I just ordered the storage box. It was less than $20. I used PayPal to protect myself. I I’ll post later on if it ever arrives and the quality.

  5. I placed an order on March 3, 2021, for 2 different craft storage units. It says payment received and awaiting shipment. It says ships within 24 hours it’s way past that now. I attempted to send them an email only to get an email back saying email address doesn’t exist. I don’t know what to do now.

    1. If you paid using PayPal, go to them. If not- your bank and show that there is no tracking. They tried to produce a fake FedEx shipment/proof of delivery and were busted. You’ll also see that their site is no longer operating. I wish FB would put a halt to these scams! The fake dogs are another one.

  6. I ordered and have been in a battle… no updates even though they said 24 hrs after order confirmation. I’ve tried contacting. The email does not work. You get a failure notice every time. When using my PayPal the email provided for the seller is which then leads you to the Shopify website not the company or any other info.

  7. I placed an order on the craft locker on February 28th and got a tracking number, but NEVER got an email or any other verification. I went back on the website to check on it today and SURPRISE SURPRISE! THE WEBITE IS DOWN! ? DEFINITELY 100000% A SCAM!!!

  8. This is a scam and PayPal does not stand behind their customers! Got an email saying my items had been delivered, no delivery received and PayPal said since they said delivered, PayPal wouldn’t do anything! Both companies are a joke!!!

  9. This is definitely a scam- they even make up fake FedEx reports! The emails are invalid and they close the website after they get the money. Thank God for PayPal! Beware of any of these shops- they are ripping people off and committing fraud.

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