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Timezone Singapore At a Glance: After the daily life hustles, we occasionally need to take some time off the daily routine to rejuvenate. If you are in Singapore, Timezone is the one place that provides you with the best chance to take a break from life and takes you back to childhood, spreads happiness, and creates magical and memorable moments with friends and family. We give you the best environment to host your kid’s party, bond with your loved ones, play game tournaments, host your exclusive events, and many more. We give you a fun-filled and exciting experience with arcade games and prizes.

Timezone Singapore At a Glance

For birthday parties, our mantra is that they should all be packed with fun, memorable, and devoid of fuss. Once you book your party with us, our dedicated team will take it from there and organize an excellent and memorable birthday party for your kid. We provide unique thematic options full of fun and thrilling activities to ensure that we cater to the celebratory needs of all your guests. Our party venues are friendly for everyone.

We offer our clients interactive fun family amenities featuring world-class games as well as enticing prizes. check all this out at https://www.timezonegames.com/en-sg.

We partner with renowned global amusement brands like Bandai Namco, LAI, Sega, and many others to create the most wonderful games you could find around. We take pride in our superior store design and adequately trained Funsquad to guarantee all our customers, of older and younger generations, a fun-packed experience. We are the leading brand in the interactive game industry in Singapore. We are the pioneers of the tap ‘n’ play card reader technology that facilitates contactless play and records of gameplays, e-ticket balances, and game credit.

We have 14 party venues, all accessibly located in the biggest shopping malls across Singapore. We have received an award of recognition as among Singapore’s most prestigious and renowned superbrands.

We use the ‘Powercard,’ a replacement for the conventional transactions that use tokens and coins. This technology uses a very sophisticated yet simple card. Through their ‘Powercard,’ customers can make all their transactions. To play a machine, all you are required to do is tap your Powercard at the colorful card reader that is mounted on the machine, and credit deductions will automatically be made from the card.

Our Powercards have a long validity period and will not expire until they are not topped up or fail to make any game transactions for a period of twelve months. We also give you free game credits, which are a bonus. Additionally, our ‘Powercard’ is universal, and you can use it at any Timezone outlet in Singapore.

Indeed, everyone requires a break from the hustle-laden reality of life. Timezone is here for you and your kids for the ultimate fun experience. Bring your kids to relax in a fun world full of alternatives. Whether they wish to play virtual reality games and shout out with zombies, dance with their peers, or play racing games, there is something for all of them. Relieve yourself of the tough responsibility stress by pulling out your best dance moves on our dance floor. Have fun!

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