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Tiger King Cast Death post shares details of the famous real-life documentary Tiger king and also gives reason for the death of its cast Eric Cowie.

Do you find Tiger king season 1 interesting? Are you waiting for its second season? So, get ready as the Tiger king’s second season will premiere on 17th November on Netflix. The documentary, released on 20th March in 2020, was watched by around 35 million people and became one of the top watched series on Netflix.

It became popular in countries like Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom as viewers could relate to the series. To know more about this series and Tiger King Cast Death, keep reading this post till the end.

About the Tiger King Series:

Tiger king is a crime documentary based on the life of zoo owner Joe Exotic, as it tries to unwind the complicated relation between wildlife conservationists and collectors. The series also depicts the criminal side of Joe and his ongoing feud with cat rescuer Carole Baskin.

It has an altogether eight-episode in the first season, while season 2 will feature five episodes in all. Currently, Joe Exotic is serving a 22-year jail term for plotting the murder of Baskin and attempting to harm endangered species as a zoo owner and caretaker.

Tiger King Cast Death: 

The new season will start without Eric Cowie as he died of excessive alcoholism on 3rd September 2021. At the age of 53, he died as a head Zookeeper for Exotic G.W Zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

Earlier, he worked as a confidant of Joe Exotic but later testified against him during the trial. Eric claimed that an older tiger was killed in the Zoo, and he too participated in the act. Older tigers were killed to give space to younger ones as their earning potential was greater than aging tigers.

According to New York City, chief medical officer Tiger King Cast Death was natural, and nothing suspicious was found during the medical examination. It was a clear case of alcohol abuse without a trace of any other drugs.

Tiger King Season 2:

The review for season 1 of the series was positive as people loved the display of wildlife crime opening in front of them. The series lasted, with Exotic being found guilty of the crime and serving 22 years under the Lacey and endangered species Act.

As Joe Exotic, the central figure of this documentary, is serving the jail term, no news shots of him as possible for season 2. According to Tiger King Cast Death, the sequel tries to build a story around his early days and delves into the personal life of Exotic.

Some reviews termed Season 2 as making money as it fails to match up to the Season one standard.

Final Verdict:

The real-life documentary always attracts viewers’ attention, and the presence of Joe Exotic as an actor played a big part in its success. It is difficult for the sequel of the hit documentary to match the audience’s expectations, and Tiger King appears to be struggling.

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