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Thevault Kfc Com {Aug} Check Hope Feeding Program Here!

In the Thevault Kfc com, we will see what this is about, the legitimacy, review and why KFC is in the recent news.

Have you ever been to KFC? Have you used their vault app that was released in March this year? Are you a resident of South Africa? Have you ever heard of KFC’s Add Hope Feeding centre?

Yummy fast food from KFC is a favourite treat of children of all time. But some children do not meet the basic food requirements. However, KFC has an initiative program to feed the children. Let us learn what all are there in Thevault Kfc com.

What is Kfc’s Add Hope feeding program? 

The 9th of August was Women’s Day in South Africa. What else can be better than this for charity work? Through its Add Hope program, KFC celebrated the efforts of women who work for a better future for children. Add Hope beneficiaries on this occasion were women-led NPOs helping children for their better future and the country.

KFC Add Hope program across South Africa aims to alleviate malnutrition with collaboration from customers and various organizations. Next time you visit KFC and want to donate, add R2 (if you wish) along with your order.

Thevault Kfc com- what is in the update?

The Vault App on the Appstore and Google Play Store recently got highlighted when updates came earlier this month. In the update, it fixes the previous xAPI statements issue. 

The Vault is an app that provides access to job-related articles and eLearning courses. You can log in to it if you have a KFC employee account. The app allows learning from wherever you want using mobile. The app has got excellent reviews and ratings on the store.

About the website:

When you try to log in to Thevault Kfc com via the web, it will redirect you to another website. The redirecting website is Yum Single Sign On. Yum is the parent company of KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell as well. Portalsso.yum.com is a legit website and requires a username and password to access it.

A brief on KFC:

Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC, is a well-known fast food restaurant chain of America. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky is the world’s second-largest restaurant chain in terms of sales. It is a Yum brand subsidiary founded 92 years ago in 1930 in Kentucky.

Thevault Kfc com is its learning platform for employees where they can learn about their job, how to take good care of customers and more. The founder of KFC was Colonel Harland Sanders, and Pete Harman took the first franchise of KFC in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1952.

Slowly, the company expanded globally; as of 2020, the brand has 24104 locations. It is known for its products like bucket-fried chicken, chicken wings, hamburgers, wraps, French fries, desserts, etc.


KFC supplies nutritious food to eliminate hunger and malnutrition among children of South Africa. For this, it gathers donations and partners with more than 140 NPOs and smaller organizations. Also, Thevault Kfc com seems a legit website for learning and growing within the organization. That’s all today we have for you in this regard, but you can check the information on KFC here.

Are you aware of KFC’s initiative before? Please write in a comment if you ever donated with R2.

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