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This article is about launching a children’s book and tells the readers about the representation of the character in Theplotagainsttheking com.

Do your children like to read books about medieval times, including kings and queens? Do you know that there’s a new book in town that gets popularity at its release? For the children in the United States, The Plot Against the King book is something new to learn. 

We will tell you about the Theplotagainsttheking com and what your child can learn from the book through this article. Also, we will put some limelight on the author of the book, so let’s find out. 

About Plot Against the King book

The Plot Against the King book is a fantasy story that displays the real incidents through the characters. The book’s author displays the plotting and planning against the king and the number of enemies that want to remove the king from his throne. 

The motive behind publishing this book is to tell the people about the conspiracy of the enemies in real life against the king. However, let’s know about the character in detail. 

Who are the characters in Theplotagainsttheking com?

You will be surprised, but the role of the king in the book is inspired by the former president of the United States, Donald Trump. However, there are other characters too in the book that resembles other leaders of the US:

  • Hillary Queenton is inspired by Hillary Clinton, who was standing against the former president in the elections. 
  • The queen’s knights resemble her workers and followers who spread false information across the country to remove the king. 
  • The book’s story is about the false acquisition of the opposition party on the former president to impact his goodwill negatively. 

Who is the author of the book?

The author of Theplotagainsttheking com is Kash Patel. He is a former aide of Donald Trump during his run as a president. He recently came up with a children’s book that can help the people know about what the opposition party and its leaders did during the election. 

The book is available in different formats like in softcopy (PDF, Kindle, and others) and in Hardcopy too, which is available on an E-commerce website. However, this book creates controversy as people want to know the source and the value of the information present in the book.

How can you buy the book?

If you are interested in learning about the facts, then you can buy the Theplotagainsttheking com book from the official site of Brake Books. On that website, you have the choice to buy the book with the Kash Patel signature on it at $59.99, and the standard edition is available at $19.99.

You need to enter the necessary details, and the book will be delivered to you at your doorstep. 

Final Words

After knowing about the Plot Against the King book, it is clear that the author put his perception in the book, and everything revolves around the king. We can’t say whether the book is right, but if you know some untold facts, you should buy the Theplotagainsttheking com and read it with your children. 

What was your favourite cartoon character as a kid? Please share with us in the comment section. 

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