Reviews (March) Is This Legit Or Scam? Reviews 2021 Reviews (March) Is This Legit Or Scam? >> Do you want to buy some crockery and shirts for a loved one? Then, please scroll down to the article and learn about the website’s legitimacy below. Reviews: Do you want to buy culinary that have a strong base? If yes, then you are at the right place as the website here is the one that has flooded with all such items along with some shirt collections for men. But it is better to get into the website once and then decide whether it is a good buy or not. 

The people from India are curious to know about this website and want to know about the legitimacy. Let us have a look at the details below. 

An Intro of 

Considering the Reviews, the website is an online web store that has a wide range of products such as men’s shirts and other kitchens and home accessories. The quality is too good, and there is a discount of around fifty to eighty per cent on all products. 

So, if you want to grab the markdown now, then please have a deep look at the website below. Do you want to dive more into the specifications of the website? Then, read about the Reviews.

Details of the 

  • The URL of the website is
  • The website has a wide range of products available for the kitchen, such as crockery and some men’s collections. 
  • The website has a domain age of two days.
  • The domain has created on 2021-03-13 and expired on 2022-03-13. 
  • The website has an email address,
  • Some payment options are available on the website, such as Visa, Discover, American Express, and Master card.
  • Social media handles as appeared on the website include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. 
  • The return and refund policy of the website indicates thirty days to return the products.

Pros of

  • As per Reviews, the prices are favourable. 
  • The variety of products are available. 
  • There is Free Shipping available on all products across India
  • Return and refund policies are available on the website. 
  • The website has secured connection with HTTPS protocol.
  • The website has full customer support available. 
  • Markdowns are available from fifty to eighty per cent.    

Cons of

  • The website has some negative reviews available.
  • The website lacks information like phone number and address. 
  • The website has a lousy trust score. 
  • The web store has low life-expectancy as it has registered for a year only.
  • The domain age of this web store is two days only. 

Is the Website Legit? 

While exploring the website through the Reviews, we found that the website has not a lot of notable things out there. Therefore, we have highlighted some of them below. Please have a look at them: 

  • The website has only a one per cent trust score yet. 
  • The reviews are too bad, and people seek out some tricks to get their money back.
  • The phone number and physical location is missing.
  • The website has low life expectancy as created for one-year. 
  • The domain age of the website is two days.  

What is the customer’s Reviews

We found a lot of responses about the website on various platforms on the web. The website has some issues as people report in the comments that the website is a fake web store, and they never deliver any product once the order has placed. Even some shoppers have not got any order number after placing the order, and they are enquiring about it, and hence, it seems suspicious. 

A few users have also complained that this one is the second website as they tricked customers in the past, and now, this one is another scam by making fake claims. Therefore, always consider Reviews.   

The Bottom Line

After getting into all the web store details, we found that the website has a wide range of men’s collection and crockery available in different styles and colours and some discounts are available too. The website has some loopholes that need to get removed, and it includes the lack of information such as contact number and address, negative reviews, one per cent trust score, and the domain age is two days. 

Thus, all such pointers are not favourable at all, and we can say that the website will not continue to serve people for a long time as it has registered for one year.   

In the end of these Reviews, though we can say that it is too early to conclude its legitimacy, but considering all the negative aspects, we can call the website highly suspicious and a possible scam as all pointers are against it, and it has advised staying away from the same. Never splurge your hard-earned money on any website that seems even a bit suspicious. 

What do you think about the reviews of the website? Then, please pen down all your thoughts in the comments box below. We are happy to assist you. 

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  1. I have a very bad experience of investing money to buy an crockery item through Debit card amounting to Rs.299/-. The amount has been deducted from my account without receiving any confirmation from the sight itself. Thereafter I have tried many ways to reach them even I have mailed them without having any response from them. I have also wrote a comment on their facebook page. Surprisingly I found that the comment have been disappeared from the page within few minutes and leaving no place for me to make further comment. Now, I feel that I have been cheated by them. Though the amount is very small they might have cheated thousands of people like me. It is a very bad tendency of cheating the society. They should be punished. I protest against such miscreants through you.

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