The Real World Map Upside Down (April) Get Information!

The Real World Map Upside Down

The Real World Map Upside Down (April) Get Information! >> For those who are not familiar with such maps, this article is a must-read. Please check the information and all the details here.

Have you heard about the fact that many of the world maps are upside-down, which means the north is directed towards the top? This article is a must-read to dive into this concept.

The world maps, which we have usually seen, have the north directed at the top whereas the south directing towards the bottom. But you would be quite surprised to know that many such world maps are the other way around.

So does it have to be like that, or is it incorrectly placed in such a position. We will learn more about this in detail as you scroll down this article. This topic is gaining traction in the United States.

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What is The Real World Map Upside Down?

Talking about this upside-down map, the entire display of this world map is reversed. The map frames the southern hemisphere on the top, which can be shocking for many. But the fact is claiming such maps as correct or incorrect can be a completely biased decision.

The reason behind this is that people always tend to forget the fact that our planet earth has a certain revolution which is in a spherical rim. Since the revolution and the rotation occurs completely in space, the directions are completely conventional.

Where does this Reversed Culture of Maps come from?

While creating the traditional maps years ago, people usually followed the Europeans’ perspectives – The Real World Map Upside Down wherein the northern hemisphere is towards the top, and the southern hemisphere is towards the bottom. It was done basically for the people to depict the world from the southern perspective.

It was done to ensure that there is no standard way of creating the maps with south or north to be compulsorily on the top or the bottom.

Which Map can be claimed as the Correct One?

So, if you are wondering which map is the accurate one, then here is the answer to your question. The Real World Map Upside Down version of this map might come with some of the other distortions above the equator.

This distortion at times makes it difficult to define the size of the nations clearly. So, the Gall-Peters maps are the ones which give more precise ins and outs about the actual area of the different countries. It helps better to decide the area coverage of a particular country.

Final Verdict

One must be aware of such maps before buying or presenting as it might confuse which maps are used for official purposes in your country and which are not as there is The Real World Map Upside Down story behind it.

What are your views about such maps? Let us know what you think of such maps? Please share your views on the same in the comments section below.

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