The Immortal Invincible Wiki (April 2021) Checkout Now!

The Immortal Invincible Wiki (April 2021) Checkout Now!

The Immortal Invincible Wiki (April 2021) Checkout Now! >> The article contains information about the famous character of a comic in detail. So start reading.

Are you a comic reader? Do you want to know about the immortals in the invincible comics? Well, if you are looking for these answers, then you have landed on the right article. Here we will tell you about the famous character in the invincible comic book called The Immortals. 

As this comic is famous in many countries like United States, Australia, and many more, we will discuss all the character points according to The Immortal Invincible Wiki. So let’s get started. 

About Invincible Comic

The invincible comic was first introduced in August 2002, created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker. The story of the invincible comics revolves around a boy who is the son of a superhero called Omni-Man. Omni-Man is an extraterrestrial superhero of a race known as the Viltrumite race. 

As the comic got famous in countries like Canada, United Kingdom, and many more, the creator decided to launch an animated show based on the invincible comic. There is one character that got famous from the comics and, i.e., the immortals. We tell you about The Immortal Invincible Wiki later in the article. 

The invincible animated show was premiered on March 26th, 2021, on the Amazon originals, which contains seven episodes. 

Who is Immortal in Invincible comics?

The immortal is the member of the group called Guardians of the Globe. He is the survivor of the attack, which Omni-man leads. The Immortals are older than King Arthur and served as one of his legendary knights and fight alongside him in the battles. According to The Immortal Invincible Wiki, the immortal even served as a president under the assistance of Abraham Lincoln. 

After his run as a president, he became the superhero and also the member of the original Guardian of the Globe. The Immortal was killed by the Omni-man but survived the attack. The Mauler twins helped him revive and used a control beacon to make him their slave, but it didn’t work out. The immortal’s former alliances are Lancelot, Abraham Lincoln, and many more as the character lives many years. 

Power and ability according to The Immortal Invincible Wiki

The superpower and abilities of the immortal consist of super strength, immortality, super speed, leadership, flight, healing, and many more. He has the power to regenerate himself, as because of this power, he survived the attack of Omni-man in the first place. The character is immune to any diseases and cannot age, and invulnerable to any form of injuries. 

The character suffers from a memory loss that makes him forget about the previous events and remembers only sketchy details. The immortal is powerful and also has some limitations, which makes him vulnerable to few things. 


As per the information we got from The Immortal Invincible Wiki and other sources, we now know about the character in detail and its capabilities and limitations. The invincible comic is one of the favorite and famous among teens and children; its TV show is trying to adapt the story from the comic to make it more fun for the audience. 

Do tell us about your views on the immortal character in the comment section below, or  for more information on the immortal. 

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