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Sweet Savannah Boutique North Carolina {June} Read It!

This post on Sweet Savannah Boutique North Carolina will guide our readers about the recent update of this online store and why people are hating it.

Have you ever heard of this clothing store? It is situated in the United States. It sells kids’ clothes and is quite popular, but recently something happened, and people started mocking the owner of this clothing store. In this post on Sweet Savannah Boutique North Carolina, we will inform our readers about all recent updates about this store.

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About Sweet Savannah Boutique

This store has a variety of kids’ clothes, and it offers them on a pocket-friendly budget. These kids’ clothes look too cute, and you can order them by sitting in the comfort of your home. It has pages on social media platforms. Also, we find some fake pages with the same name as this boutique. Its website is currently under process, and some controversy has happened against it, making it viral all over social media.

The controversy of Sweet Savannah Boutique North Carolina

Recently, a video of a woman has gone viral on social media, in which she makes racist remarks about Mexicans. It is assumed that she is the owner of this boutique, and people have been mocking her for her disrespectful remarks about Mexicans.

This video has enraged so many people that they have begun commenting on other social media accounts with similar names, as the official page is no longer operational. And it caused issues for other pages with similar names as they are getting harassing comments because of Sweet Savannah Boutique North Carolina.

What was the owner of the boutique’s racist remark?

In the video, she asked for advice. She stated that her armpits have smelled like dirty Mexican after sweating since returning from Mexico. She has tried everything, including changing deodorants and Scrubbing, but her problem has not been fixed, and obviously, it was insulting to Mexican people.

People were enraged by this remark and asked, “How does Dirty Mexican smell?” Her remark cannot be justified because what she stated and how she compared her armpit odour to Mexican people is completely incorrect. Furthermore, her statement made it difficult for her to maintain her social media profiles of Sweet Savannah Boutique North Carolina.

People no longer digest racist and improper comments; everyone is aware of their rights and does not hesitate to speak out against wrongdoing.


To summarise this post, we have provided these details after researching from online sites as these details are mentioned on online sites and we are not making words on our own. Her social media accounts are no longer operational and her website is currently under construction, and her owner’s racist comments about Mexican people enraged many people. Please check this link   to know more about online shopping.

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