Svalbard Wordle {July 2022} Geographical Location Game!

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Svalbard Wordle has given hints for the 18th July Worldle game and discussed the rise in the search for Svalbard word.

Have you played a word game similar to Wordle but requires a country name or location as the solution for the day? Many clones of Wordle have become popular Worldwide, and gamers made it a habit to solve it daily. The basics of the game remain similar to all the word games.

The word Svalbard is among the top searched words in recent days, and this post looks to find the reason for this instant surge. To learn more about this word and country puzzle game, read Svalbard Wordle till the end.

Is Svalbard a Word Game?

Nowadays, puzzle solvers take the help of search engines like Google to find a solution for daily Wordle-like games. The recent search surge for the Svalbard word indicates that it may be another word game or solution for Wordle clones. 

We found that Svalbard is not a new game but a solution for a word puzzle name Worldle. Most of the features of Worldle are similar to the Wordle game, but players have to find a country or location in this game instead of five lettered words.

Svalbard Game Worldle:

Worldle game requires players to find the country, location or area based on some hints given by the game. Wordle gamers will find this game easy as most of the game’s features are similar, but additional geographical knowledge is required to solve this puzzle. 

  • In place of five lettered words, players need to guess the country name or location in six attempts
  • With each guess, the destination location distance with the guessed country is given as a hint.
  • Direction of the destination country from the guessed country is also mentioned as a hint in the Worldle Svalbard Game.
  • The proximity of the destination country to the guessed country is also mentioned as a hint for players.
  • Each guess must be a valid country, location or some defined area.
  • A new Wordle is available each day.

Geography Game 18th July Hint:

The players solving the location game can use the hints to find the solution for today’s Worldle game. This can also enhance the geographical knowledge to solve the game.

  • Its capital is Longyea.
  • It has a total of four words.
  • The first letter for the country is S.
  • The country is located in Europe.
  • Svalbard is one word that is part of the solution.

Svalbard Wordle Facts for 178 Worldle Solution:

  • Svalbard has a total population of 2550 and is situated on the European continent.
  • It has no flags of its own and uses the Norwegian flag. 
  • It is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. 
  • Norwegian is the country’s official language and it uses Norwegian Krone as its currency.
  • The country is governed by Norway government. 

Final verdict:

Worldle is a puzzle game  that requires geographical knowledge to solve it regularly. Svalbard is part of the solution for puzzle number 178, and players can use the hints to find the Svalbard Wordle solutions. Have you played the Worldle game? Players can share their views on this geographical location game in the comment section.

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