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Suicides This Year 2022 Live Count discusses the reasons and some facts behind the thought of suicide.

Do you want to know the live count of suicide this year? Have you ever got thought of suicide? Surprisingly, 1 out of 5 people Worldwide have a fleeting thought about committing suicide.

Of course, the reason can be different but remember ending life is not the solution for any problem. Today we will discuss Suicides This Year 2022 Live Count and see why people have suicidal thoughts.

Why do people want to end their lives?

Previous year we have evidence of so many suicides of celebrities. But it is not only the celebrity who may have thoughts of committing suicide; the live count is alarming. Suicides refer to a condition when someone wants to end their life and overcome the cause troubling them.

The reasons for having thought of suicide or directly ending life are complex and different. Some of the reasons we will be discussing here and later see how many suicides have there been in 2022?

  • Severe unbearable emotional or physical stress or pain,
  • Mental illness and traumatic stress,
  • Long-term financial difficulties, unemployment,
  • Feeling of worthlessness, the burden to others,
  • Loss of loved one, end of a relationship,
  • Fear of loss or loss of fear,
  • Chronic disease and hopelessness of getting it cured,
  • Social isolation.

Who is vulnerable?

According to several data, some of the risks that certain age groups are more prone to suicide are:

  • Teenager, youth & above 60 years,
  • Mental health and disorder,
  • One who already has attempted suicide or family history,
  • Someone undergoing physical, or mental abuse,
  • Have a severe chronic illness
  • Person in prison.

Suicides This Year 2022 Live Count:

It is too early to state the data of 2022 because the year has just now begun. However, some of the countries list which has been in the top ten and their rates (number of suicides per 100k) according to

  1. Lesotho – 72.4
  2. Guyana – 40.3
  3. Eswatini – 29.4
  4. South Korea – 28.6
  5. Kiribati – 28.3
  6. Federated States of Micronesia – 28.2
  7. Lithuania – 26.1
  8. Suriname – 25.4
  9. Russia – 25.1
  10. South Africa – 23.5

Also, 800000 people approximately die from suicide globally, and Suicides This Year 2022 Live Count will be much more.

However, suicide is the major cause of death among youth. But this doesn’t mean it occurred only among youth; the rate varies based on ethnicity, age and many other factors. For example, the suicide rate in men is more than twice that of women every year.

Suicide is preventable:

  • You can ask the near and dear one if they have any thoughts on suicide,
  • You have to listen to them and do not judge or mock
  • Take assistance from the trained counsellor
  • Please do not leave them alone
  • Try to remove any potentially harmful weapon


Suicides This Year 2022 Live Count is an attempt to make you aware of the alarming issue. Sometimes suicidal thoughts or even attempts of suicide can be prevented; you just need to talk about it. You can read the epidemiology of suicide here.

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