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This post discusses the event for the Free Fire game players, which is organized for celebrations called Call Back.

Have you heard of the Call Back event of the Free Fire game? Call Back is an event that comes once every month in Free Fire. Many of you must have played or heard about the Free Fire game that is mostly played by the young generation. 

Sugarom is a website that allows making the most of this event. The Free Fire game is also very famous in IndiaThrough this article, we will learn more about Call Back and other details related to the game and event. Follow the article for further updates. 

What is a Call Back Event? 

As mentioned above, this Call Back happens once every month. In this event, the option of inviting a friend is given. In short, it is a rule that your friends who haven’t played the game for some time to be exact, for a month, only those can participate in the game; that is the most crucial rule of the event. This is what makes it more difficult to complete the event of the game.

Sugarom Call Back Event

Sugarom is a website through which you can get a lot of gifts and rewards in exchange for completing Call Back events. This website especially helps you with the Free Fire Call Back because generally, players are met with lots of problems and glitches throughout the event. Also, most of the players did not get to complete it despite fulfilling all the conditions.

So Sugarom provides you with the right procedure and rewards. The Rewards that are given are like Diamonds Royal Voucher and FFWS Music. This is a good strategy to take back users who have stopped playing Free Fire and add new users.

Steps to complete Call Back-

We explained the rules through steps that you have to follow for completing Free Fire Call Back; those are –

  • After logging in to your game, you will see the Call Back Event in the events section. 
  • A total of 7 invites have to be sent to friends who can only participate if they have not played the game for one month or more. 
  • A list is provided with the names of friends you can invite, and only those can be invited to the Call Back event. 
  • Social media links can also be used to invite friends for Call Back. 
  • You can claim several rewards by completing this. 

Note- All information contained in the article is based on internet research. 

Final summary 

Recently, in celebration of Ramadan, Call Back have been organized. Events are most important for the free-fire players because they can obtain new stuff free of charge and are a major source for getting ahead in the game. 

Call Back is one of those events that are organized more frequently. You can check out the link for more details about the eventDo you find this article on Call Back helpful to you in any way? Please leave comments below and inform others by sharing this post. 

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