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Stop Medical Discrimination.Org (Jan 2021) Reviews.

Stop Medical Discrimination.Org (Jan 2021) Reviews. >> Everything has to be thoroughly trailed and tested to make it available for the general public use, and so does the COVID vaccine. 

Since our evolution, we have been attacked by numerous wild-spread deadly diseases like polio, influenza, smallpox, plague, and many more. It usually takes several years and sometimes decades to develop, test, and approve a vaccine for general public use.

To the surprise of Stop Medical discrimination.org and Worldwide population, COVID-19 vaccine was developed in a stellar time of less than a year. It is true that COVID has already infected more than 13 million people and killed at least 5,93,000 in the entire world. And if we did not have developed this vaccine in this record time, the numbers would have kept rising.

The question of the hour is if the vaccine is developed in such a short time, then is it safe enough for general public use? This question is of significant concern and is raised by Stop Medical discrimination.org.

This article will further understand how the vaccines are developed and why the company has raised the issue.

How are the vaccines made?

  1. Determine the genetic sequence of the virus
  2. Developing a vaccine using:
  3. Inactivating the virus, while keeping the major components so that it won’t cause infection
  4. Weakening the virus, technically it’ll be alive but won’t cause any harm.
  5. Pull out specific components of the virus.
  6. The First Round of clinical trial- determines antibodies in the blood and ensure that there isn’t any danger.
  7. Second Round- tried at a larger population, at risk, and adverse effects are being observed. At this stage now, we are Stop Medical discrimination.org has raised a significant issue at this point.

Approve vaccine for widespread use. 

What is the Concern?

The company says to make it mandatory to take a vaccine is not ethical, neither advisable. The Worldwide population should not be compelled to take a vaccine on the pretext of vaccine passport, which is the freedom to travel by plane or attend a concert with friends.

They emphasize that zero pressure “opt-out” policy shall be continued. 

Stop Medical discrimination.org, specifically mentions that they are not against the policy, but they do not support making it mandatory to take the vaccine.

Is the Vaccine Safe?

The company explicitly mentions that they do not intend that the vaccine is safe, but it is unsafe according to the usual definition for worldwide use.

According to the usual definition, a vaccine requires peer-reviewed data and proper animal trials, neither of which is readily available during ‘operation warp speed’.

Final Verdict

We agree that if the vaccine had not been developed in such a record time, the virus would have taken more lives. More economies would have crashed, leading to a significant crisis in the entire world.

But we also agree that a vaccine can have a significant adverse effect on someone’s health and can even become a cause of death. Therefore, we agree with Stop Medical discrimination.org to not make it mandatory to take the vaccine. 

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