Are your parents still vacuuming in uncomfortable positions?

All Information still vacuuming in uncomfortable positions

Do you have older adults in your family—your partner, parents, or grandparents—who, despite their loss of mobility, takes on daily cleaning chores and keeps the house clean and comfy? Do you notice them having trouble cleaning the floor, especially under the furniture, and suffering from sore legs and aching back afterward?

The constant squatting and bending when they clean is a severe threat to their health.

The muscles and bones of the human body ‘degenerate’ as the endocrine and immune system ages, which causes muscle mass loss, decreased cartilage elasticity, and osteoporosis. By 60 years old, people lose 30% of muscle mass that protects the joints and keep them stable. Wears between the joint surfaces, because of decreased cartilage elasticity, and osteoporosis will both cause pain. And it gets worse when the muscles and joints take more pressure. For the health of older people, it’s important to keep them from uncomfortable positions when they clean the house everyday.

That’s why we recommend Redkey F10 stick vacuum cleaner. Press one button and the extension tube will turn to a pivoting arm that effortlessly slides under the furniture. When you finish, you can simply lift the vacuum cleaner to turn the arm back to a regular extension tube.

Given the fact that some older people may have trouble seeing fine dust because of vision loss, Redkey F10 is equipped with LED lights on the brush head and a smart system that detects dust and automatically adjusts the suction accordingly (23,000pa at maximum).

On top of the amazing features above, Redkey F10 has a three-stage filtration system for secondary air pollution prevention, big wheels for better maneuverability, and a click-off dust cup cover for easy waste disposal. Redkey F10 shows its care to the elderly with every detail of the design.

If notice the elders in your family vacuuming in awkward positions, you know what to do now. Just click here to go to the official website.

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