Step One Underwear Reviews (March) Worth The Hype?


Step One Underwear Reviews (March) Worth The Hype? >>Do you agree that life is better with a comfortable pair of underwear? How about knowing about an underwear brand through this informative article that promises durability, comfort, and much more?

What’s the first thing that you wear in the morning after your bath? Any guesses, you got it right, it’s your underwear! 

How about luxurious underwear that feels as smooth as silk but is as tough as bamboo? Quite a comparison, isn’t it?

The following Step One Underwear Reviews talk about one such underwear brand from Australia that also ships worldwide.

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What is Step One Underwear?

Step One Underwear is a brand that manufactures underwear to suit all body frames. The product comes with some unique features that offer extreme comfort to its users.

Can you beat it? Is the underwear made from the highest quality FSC certified bamboo?

Bamboo for underwear, it may sound bizarre! 

But on exploring further, we found that bamboo imparts outstanding sustainability and breathability. Bamboo also has moisture-wicking properties that evaporate the sweat and help one feel fresh the entire day.

This underwear is excellent because it is figure-hugging yet sweat-wicking. It is also the best option for environmentally friendly people as it comprises organically cultivated bamboo.

But, Is Step One Underwear Legit? Is it a sane decision to invest in the product? We will come to that part after learning a bit more about this brand.

Types of Underwear available:

  • Boxer briefs- Longer in length and ideal for thicker legs.
  • Trunks- Come with a short length to suit thinner legs.
  • Boxer briefs + fly- Longer and suit thicker legs.

Any precautions while wearing underwear?

The manufacturer claims to offer a 100% quality rate with just one precaution. The precaution while wearing Step One Underwear is that it should be worn the right way. Wearing them inside out will void the warranty claims.

Read the coming sections of Step One Underwear Reviews to learn more about this revolutionary brand.

Specifications of Step One Underwear:

  • Product- Underwear for men
  • Available at-
  • Sizes available- 2XS to 6XL.
  • Packaging- comes in a pack of four.
  • Exchanges/returns- Only on the first pair of unused and unworn underwear, within 30-days.
  • Refunds- Hundred percent refund only on the first pair.
  • For any information on style or size, email at
  • Discount offers- Many discount codes and coupons available on the above website.

Pros of Step One Underwear: 

  • Fit very well, do not ride up, and are supremely comfortable.
  • Outstanding sustainability and breathability.
  • The material of the product has thermo-regulating and antibacterial properties.
  • The underwear is available in 11 sizes and many styles.
  • The Step One Underwear Reviews are sparkling.
  • Comes with a 3D pouch for extra comfort. This feature also avoids the uncomfortable front wedgies.
  • Lycra panels on inner thighs make your legs glide together.
  • Are available in great colours.
  • The product is eco-friendly too.
  • It keeps the wearer cool in summers and snug in winters.

Cons of Step One Underwear: 

  • Only available for men.
  • Comes only with the first pair guarantee.
  • The cost is a bit on the higher side.
  • It cannot be machine dried. Only cold wash recommended.

Is Step One Underwear Legit?

  • Popularity- Highly popular.
  • Customer reviews- 4.9-stars on a scale of five on trust pilot. 4.7-stars on another site.
  • Social media presence- On Facebook and Instagram.

All these pointers prove that Step One Underwear is a legit one. 

Reviews by customers:

The underwear brand enjoys shiny reviews from its customers online. One can find excellent customer reviews for Step One Underwear even on YouTube.

The customers claim that the underwear is so comfortable that the wearers feel that they are wearing nothing at all. 

According to the customers, not only is the product fantastic, but the company also offers excellent delivery options.

Final Verdict:

Wow, that was quite a review! It is a pleasure to conclude our article on a highly positive note. 

You can go ahead and place your order for Step One Underwear. After all, the product comes with a first-time guarantee. 

On a lighter note, if you want a hassle-free experience of wearing underwear, go for Step One Underwear.

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