State of Survival Code 2021 August (New Coupon Codes)

latest news State of Survival Code 2021 August

State of Survival Code 2021 August (New Coupon Codes) >> A game has launched recently and has created a huge fanbase till now. Please read this blog to know about the game & its recently launched offers.

Are you a binge player in video gaming? Do you love to play mobile games?

With the leading-edge technology, the popularity of video games is booming Worldwide. Moreover, surveys reveal that now people are using mobile devices more than computers; hence several fascinating games are being launched.

Like COC, the mobile version of PUBG, State of Survival, gained much appreciation from the gaming community. If you are also a fan of this game and looking for newly published ‘State of Survival Code 2021 August,‘ then please don’t turn this page-

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Overview of State of Survival Game:

State of Survival is one of the most appreciated mobile games so far; It has got the genre ‘Strategy Game’ as the multiplayer game is all about being together and thinking strategically to help in the survival of the gaming character during the post-apocalypse where the world is overrun with notorious zombies.

The game was published by ‘KingGroup Holdings’ and is available on both Android & iOS devices. After the release, it attracted the Worldwide gaming community and garnered more than 4 stars ratings on Facebook, Google Play & Blue Stacks.

State of Survival Code 2021- The Code Details:

Here, you can recognize which codes are active and which have been inactive. The active codes are-

  • You can earn rewards with ‘kuchentvsos,’ ‘gtvmediasos,’ ‘sos1234.’ This code is only available for new gamers.
  • Receive 2 epic search-map, 10k supply-crate, 15 5M speedup, and 5 copies of a hundred bio cups through ‘sos6666.’

The above are the complete list of active codes.

The inactive codes are-

  • darylsos
  • 2021SDNEMP0BED1
  • applepie
  • chaos
  • drumsysos

These are a few important lists of expired codes by which you can earn bio cups, search maps, rewards, epic hero, metal, food, wood, gas, training speedup, combat manual, etc., gaming gears.

How to redeem the State of Survival Code 2021?

The redemption process is mentioned below. Kindly follow the procedure step by step and redeem the existing active codes-

  • Step 1: First, launch the game, and open the ‘Setting’ menu.
  • Step 2: There, you see a tab, ‘Gift Redemption.’ Tab on that option and now enter the code.
  • Step 3: Now, tap the option ‘Redeem’ below. After clicking the redeem button, the rewards will instantly be added, and you can observe them.

What makes the State of Survival so popular?       

The fascinating, thrilling gameplay with tricky challenges makes this game full of excitement. Recently the launching of the State of Survival Code 2021 created a huge sensation among the players. The game has already captured positive comments and ratings on some leading platforms.

Final Word:

The game is now available on iOS & Android devices; however, no announcement has been made yet about its future launching for different devices. If you didn’t play this game, you can now easily avail it from Google Playstore (Android users) or Apple Playstore (iOS users). If you didn’t redeem the active codes, do it today, as they might expire at any time. Is there anything you want to know about ‘State of Survival Code 2021‘? Please let our team know.

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