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Stacey Park Milbern Wiki {May 2022} Know Details Here!

The article discusses the life story and work of Stacey Park Milburn and also mentions the death of cause via Stacey Park Milbern Wiki. 

Do you know Stacey Park Milburn? Stacey was famous as a disability activist. But the person died on his 33 birthday. Many people are still confused about the death of this great lady. Even in the United States, people still want to know Milburn’s cause of death.

But on Milburn’s 35 birthdays, Google Doodle pays gratitude to her excellent work. In this article, we try to know about Milburn and search for her death via Stacey Park Milbern Wiki

What Do You Know about Milburn? 

It is a coincidence that Milburn was born on 19 May and the date of his death is 19 May 2020. Milburn worked for disability, especially handicapped people. Stacey did a social fight to preserve the rights of the handicapped community in a significant way.

Many people acknowledge her work for the poor and disabled people. But for a complicated surgery, Stacey lost her life. As a Korean-American activist, she worked for social justice for the disability people. Stacey is the main initiator and founding member of “The Disability Justice Movement.”

Stacey Park Milbern Death

Many people are still confused about the death of Stacey. As per the report, Milburn had kidney cancer. After a few days of detecting cancer, Stacey didn’t go out and work properly. The doctors first decided to do the surgery. But due to medical reasons, the operation was postponed.

The doctors told Stacey to take a rest and stay in the house. After a few days, the medical team is again prepared for the surgery. The surgery date was 19 May 2020. It was Stacey’s 33 birthday. But Milburn died from surgery complications on her birthday.

Stacey Park Milbern Family

Stacey was Korean and born in Seoul on 19 May 1987. Stacey was born in the Army Hospital of Seoul. The family members of her family were associated with the army in Fort Bragg. Stacey’s father was in the US Army and served the department for a long time. 

It was also reported that Stacey was gay, so she always faced the problem. Stacey also traced out for this gay thought, which hampered her daily work. Later, Milburn became disabled, and without a wheel-chair, she couldn’t move further with the help of Stacey Park Milbern Parents

Why is the news trending? 

Stacey had outstanding contributions to disabled people and their social justice. Even the North Carolina Authority made Stacey commissioner of the North Carolina Blind Commission. 

After her death, many people still respect Stacey’s work. On Stacey’s birthday, Google Doodle celebrated the day as a Joyful day and paid tribute to her soul. 


Stacey Milbern effectively worked for the poor and disabled people in the pandemic situation. Stacey and her team served food and shelter to thousands of disabled people at that moment. Stacey also worked for the homeless people to provide these people security, as Stacey Park Milbern Wiki confirms. 

All the reports are taken from trusted internet sources. You can also read the link to learn more about Stacey’s work. What is your opinion about Stacey’s life? Please share your view.

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