Spy Ninja Store.com Reviews {April 2021} Is It Scam?

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Spy Ninja Store.com Reviews {April 2021} Is It Scam? >> This article is on a website that offers merchandises of a famous series and about its review and legitimacy.

Are you a fan of Spy Ninjas? Do you also watch their episodes on repeat? Well, you are not the only one because spy ninjas are, in fact, a hit series on YouTube in different countries like the United States, Ireland and many more. You can also find the merchandise and other accessories related to this series. 

But if you are looking for Spy Ninja Store.com Reviews, you just landed on the right article because we will tell you about this store in detail. So start reading. 

What is Spy Ninja Store?

Spy Ninja store is an online shopping website that deals with famous series called spy ninjas. You can find different accessories and clothing option here on this website, making you the part of the spy ninjas team. 

There are options of face masks, headwear, gear, clothing like t-shirt and sweatshirt with spy ninja’s logo on them. You can also get the option to buy merchandise from Project Zorgo. In the Spy Ninja Store.com Reviews, people mentioned that these accessories give them a feeling that they are a part of Spy Ninjas. 

The Spy Ninja store takes the order online and delivers the product to different countries except for North America, i.e. Canada and the US. For the United Kingdom customer, the order will be delivered within 3-5 days. 


  • Query address- spyninjas@eventmerch.com 
  • Telephone- +44 (0)2082081166
  • Address- Event merchandising Ltd, Spy Ninja UK store , Unit no-11, The Edge Business Centre, Humber Road, London-NW2 6EW  
  • In Spy Ninja Store.com Reviews, it states that the website delivers the product in most of the countries except North America.
  • There will be customs fees for international orders that have to be paid by the customer for the order. 
  • The spy Ninja store’s return policy says that you can return the product within 28 days of delivery and should be in its original condition. 
  • The clothes and accessories on this website are connected to Spy Ninjas series and give you a chance to join the team with these accessories and gears. 


  • You can find t-shirts and sweatshirts with the Spy Ninja logo on them in different colours.
  • In Spy Ninja Store.com Reviews, people like their shipping service and can also track their product.
  • If you are in the United Kingdom, then your product will be shipped in the first-class service. 
  • There are accessories and clothes for the kids also who is a fan of the Spy Ninja series. 


  • The reviews of the products give you a mixed signal. 
  • The toy set are sometimes damaged and not worthy of the cost. 
  • People complain about the quality of the gears. 

Is Spy Ninja Store a legit website?

When our research team checked the legitimacy and Spy Ninja Store.com Reviews, we found some of the facts:

  • The domain age of Spy Ninja Store is five months and 15 days. 
  • The trust score of this site is not so promising. 
  • We found the product reviews, but we can’t find anything regarding the Spy Ninja website.
  • The Spy Ninja has a tie-up with the Amazon website, as you can find the toy set and other accessories on Amazon. 

With all the information that we have gathered, we can say that the Spy Ninja Store.com Reviews is a suspicious site because there are no record of reviews about this site and the trust score is also very low. 

People’s Verdict on Spy Ninja Store.com Reviews

People who are a fan of Spy Ninja serious will buy their clothes and merchandise. The products are available on Amazon and Spy Ninja store, where you can purchase the product and the product will be delivered to you at your doorstep. When we check the website, we found out that there is no section for customer review.

We did find few reviews related to this website products from the customers who have bought from this site.  They are not so promising.


We found out that there are mixed Spy Ninja Store.com Reviews with the above information, and we can say that this site makes not that much trustworthy. The trust score are deficient, and the domain age is not as promising. So, in the end, we can say that it is a suspicious site.

If you and your friends have ordered any good from the Spy Ninja store, then share your experience with us in the comment section.

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