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This write-up is factually and intellectually dedicated to the trending question of Speedrun.com Subway Surfers.

Are you a fan of adventurous games? Do you like to break new records? Are you here to know the new records on speedrun.com about Subway? If yes, then you are right because this article discusses everything about Subway Surfers. If you are from Brazil, Portugal and the United Statesthen there are new record list for you. 

So, in this article, we have decided to provide all the information regarding run records provided via speedrun.com. To know this, we will collect it from Speedrun.com Subway Surfers

The New Ice Land Subway Surfers-2022 

The 144th installment of the Subway Surfers Grand Tour series is Iceland 2022. In this update, Super Runner Fresh makes his surfing debut. The Bombastic hoverboard and the Frosty Costume, and different outfits. 

The game provides a new token to collect for the new episodes. The country the players are supposed to reach to unlock a new level is Barcelona, and the marathon is held up in Cairo. 

The upgraded code is V2.36.0, and the new characters are Bjarki, Mimi and Clementine. 

New runs are provided via Speedrun.com Subway Surfers

To know the current list of newly scored runs provided through speedrun.com, look below- 

  • Ranks 
  • Category 
  • Players
  • Timings  
  • Batch Acquired 
  • All the Power-ups.
  • Ativan
  • 21 seconds  
  • Batch Acquired 
  • Key
  • Ativan
  • 14 seconds 
  • 292
  • Coins not won 
  • Astraxpd
  • 3 minutes 
  • Batch Acquired 
  • Mystery Box
  • Ativan
  • 4 seconds 
  • 41
  • Coins not won
  • Zaple
  • 3minutes.
  • 729
  • Coins not won 
  • Miguel7777
  • 32 seconds 

About the website Speedrun.com 

Speedrun.com offers information, leaderboards, and more. It is the practice of playing video games to beat the clock to enjoy yourself. Subway information is also present here via  Speedrun.com Subway Surfers.

Currently, 1,275,971 people have recorded 3,205,444 scores in 30,229 matches on the website. All speed runners are invited to join. 

How to get a hack version of subway surfers? 

  • Go to Settings on your Android.
  • Activate “Apps & Notifications.”
  • Now select “Advanced” from the menu.
  • Select “Install Unknown Apps.”
  • Open Chrome now
  • Search “Subway-Surfers Hack Mod”
  • Get the APK file once you’ve located the website.
  • In your file manager, look for the downloaded APK.
  • Verify the file installation.

Why is Speedrun.com Subway Surfers Trending? 

Speedrun.com is not a new website. It is well known for containing all the records about different running games and updating the players about any additional information about the game. 

This website is recently concerned with the subway surfers, and this news spread like a jungle fire among the Subway surfers players, who are visiting different websites to get the current news. 

Players visit speedrun.com to know the updates it contains about Subway Surfers. According to us, this is the reason for this news trending.


Winding up for Speedrun.com Subway Surferswe would like to conclude that this is a website that recently got updates about Subway Surfers on its list. To get all the records and threads, visit here, one will understand all after visiting here. 

Would you like to comment on your experience with speedrun.com in the context of any game? If yes, leave it here in the comments section.

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