Sophia Robot Self Portrait (March) Let’s Know More!


Sophia Robot Self Portrait (March) Let’s Know More! >> The write-up shares details about the news created by the digital artwork of a humanoid. Also, read how much is sophia the robot worth?

The Sophia Robot Self Portrait, a hand-painted artwork, was sold at an auction for a whopping $688,000. It is the artwork by the globally reckoned humanoid robot, Sophia. The painting was sold at an auction last Thursday for a non-fungible token or NFT, making it the new agitation sign in NFT World. 

The artwork is titled “Sophia Instantiation,” it is the digital artwork comprising a 12-sec MP4 video showcasing the evolution of the artist’s portrait into her digital painting. It even accompanies a physical artwork.

People in the United States appreciated the artwork demonstrated by the humanoid robot.    

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What is Sophia Robot Self Portrait?

The self-portrait by humanoid, Sophia, has been the global discussion subject, especially after the self-portrait was sold at an auction at a whopping price. It is the digital artwork or painting created by the humanoid, and it is auctioned for a record-breaking price.

It is for the first time that a painting by a humanoid has got such a whopping amount. After the artwork was auctioned, the Sophia Robot gained global prominence.

Sophia Robot was launched back in 2016, and she is considered the best invention, owing to the features it is equipped with, of which most features are like humans. She created a digital artwork with her features, Sophia Robot Self Portrait, and an Italian artist, Andea Bonacito, supported her.      

How Much is Offered for the Portrait?

As mentioned, the humanoid robot Sophia created the digital artwork with Andea Bonacito, the famous Italian artist. The people in the United States appreciate the digital painting of the Humanoid.

The sources confirm that the digital artwork of the humanoid is titled Sophia Instantiation.

It was auctioned last Thursday and sold at a whopping price of $6 88,888. The painting was auctioned in the form of a non-fungible token.

The humanoid makers were surprised with the responses of the bidders and the pace of the bidding. However, the identity of the buyer who purchased Sophia Robot Self Portrait is still not confirmed. 

What Does the Artwork Features?

Sophia Instantiation is created in collaboration with Italian artist and block-chain investment partner firm Eterna Capital. The artwork starts by producing the bright-colored portrait of the humanoid. The neural network of the robot processes it. 

Finally, the humanoid painted the interpretation in the form of MP4 digital artwork. The painting of the humanoid is wholly based on the decision Sophia made without the intervention of humans. 

Apart from the digital artwork, the humanoid’s physical painting is also included in a single auction.


Sophia Robot Self Portrait has created a buzz amongst the masses worldwide after it was sold at such a considerable price. It has made news across the world. 

It is believed that it is the first painting sold by a humanoid at such a higher price. The humanoid is already famous and gained citizenship back in 2017, and she is a citizen of Saudi Arabia for now. 

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