How to Find Best Solidity Programmer

How to Find Best Solidity Programmer

Finding a the best Solidity developer who is well-qualified can be a daunting task, as there is skyrocketing popularity of Solidity developers due to the adoption of Smart Contracts on a large scale. When you are looking forward to hiring a Solidity developer for your project, you must be well aware of market indices. Having the right knowledge can help you pick an experienced expert who will provide high-quality solutions. 

Here in this post, we will tell you about how you can find and hire the best Solidity programmer to build highly scalable dApps and Smart Contracts. 

What is Solidity? 

Solidity is an object-oriented programming language that is widely used in the development of Smart Contracts. Solidity cuts across the blockchain platforms and is a universal language used across different blockchain platforms but no doubt it focuses mainly over Ethereum. 

Who is a Solidity programmer? 

A Solidity programmer is one who has specialist knowledge of the Object-Oriented programming language named Solidity. A qualified Solidity developer can do Solidity development like building and deploying smart contracts which are generally written in the universal Solidity programming language. 

What is Smart Contract?

A Smart Contract is a sort of agreement, which gets self-executed when certain mentioned clauses get fulfilled. Smart contracts acts like a deal facilitating authority contract between buyer and seller interacting directly, but happening according to the written lines of computer code. Smart contract codes and agreements generally exists across the blockchain’s distributed and decentralized network, which controls the execution and transactions are trackable but immutable. 

Tips to find the best Solidity programmer 

Find an expert Solidity developer, who can do flawless Smart Contracts development is certainly a challenging task. But if you keep below mentioned points in mind, then it would be an easy task. 

Knowledge about Smart Contracts 

One of the foremost things to take into consideration is, how well the Solidity developer understands the Smart Contracts. The development of great smart contracts comes under the core role of a Solidity developer which can run on a decentralized ledger or blockchain network. So, before finalizing a developer, ensure that he possesses and demonstrates in-depth knowledge of the same. 

Knowledge about blockchain architecture 

There are different blockchain platforms functioning over different architectures comprising various elements, like as multiple nodes, off-chain and on-chain mechanisms, depending on miners, and blocks. Make sure you ensure that the developer you shortlist can understand the differences between public, private, and consortium-based blockchain platforms. Each blockchain platform has some specialties and evaluates properly that the Solidity developer is well-versed with the platform that suits best your project

Knowledge about Decentralized Applications (dApps) 

The creation of scalable dApps is a must for an experienced Solidity developer. Having a robust dApp developed in Solidity will let individuals can use it for various purposes in the blockchain ecosystem. Further dApps developed in Solidity can run smoothly over the Ethereum network, which is also the largest blockchain platform till now


Checking your portfolio is another important step while looking for the best Solidity developer, as it can help you access his experience. Going through websites and reading success stories and case studies with attention. 

Going through client testimonials can be a tiring process, but there are websites like Clutch that offer unaltered client testimonials and this can save you from being scammed. An experienced developer will certainly have a proper and vast work portfolio to showcase. 


Having a positive attitude is an essential quality to look for in the developer when you are entrusting your project. Try discussing your project with the developer to know the professional’s perspective, as an excellent Solidity developer will get himself deeply involved by asking relevant questions, rather than just nodding and yes sir attitude. 


Hiring of an inexperienced Solidity developer can make into wasteful expenditure and time, also there may be times when the developer might be baffled about the same. A senior Solidity developer at Rejolut quotes that, a Solidity developer must be versatile having an understanding of blockchain architectures, along with other factors. Finding the best and hiring them would certainly not be tough, only if yourself acquainted with the latest knowledge. 

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