Snowrunner Version 1.20 (Macrh 2021) Know The Facts!


Snowrunner Version 1.20 (Macrh 2021) Know The Facts! >> Want to check what’s new in the updated version? The write-up shares details about the new patch note released for the gaming consoles.  

The new patch notes Snowrunner Version 1.20 is out now for Xbox One, PS4, and PC gamers. The 1.20 patch note is released as the new update to fix many tweaks and bugs. The new update version 1.20 also comes with fixes for title stability and other performance enhancements across all platforms. 

The earlier patch note was released for gamers, including new vehicles, maps, and other season pass owners. But, players in the United States face some tweaks and issues when playing the game on their console.  

So, developers decided to launch the update 1.20 version patch note to fix them.

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What is Snowrunner Version 1.20?

Snowrunner 1.20 Update Version is the new patch note for Xbox One, PC, and PS4 consoles. The patch is released to fix the title instability and other issues those players in the United States face. 

The new patch version 1.20 comes with performance improvements that would work across all platforms. The new patch is expected to fix the bugs causing the video setting error after restarting the game. 

The update patch 1.20 version would also fix the slow gearbox stick movement while reversing. Now the logging mechanics will be updated after downloading the new patch. It also comes with performance improvements with crash fixes along with optimizations. So, get the Snowrunner Version 1.20 update to overcome all these hurdles.  

What is New in the Snowrunner 1.20 Patch Notes?

After evaluating online, we have found that the 1.20 patch note fixes the errors, and adds new things to enhance the gaming experience. 

  • The new patch version 1.20 heightens the available RAM in the MODs up to 40%
  • It fixes the bugs where there is false RAM restriction when gamers attempt to connect to co-op host in the MODs
  • It also fixes the bugs where gamers get “Authentication Notice” while choosing the MOD browser after launching the game title offline on Xbox One. 
  • Several stability enhancements
  • Additional fixes for the lag and shuttering issues
  • Localization fixes available with different rendering solutions 

You can expect these additions in the new Snowrunner Version 1.20 patch notes. 

When the New Snowrunner 1.20 Patch Note Released?

The new Snowrunner 1.20 Patch Notes are available for download on gaming consoles, including XBOX One, PS4, and PC. The new patch notes are released on 18th March 2021, and it is now available for download. 

Users need to follow the respective settings menu on their gaming console and update the game version to get the new patch note on their gaming device. However, PC users need to update their MODs to get the new patch note and fix the bugs and tweaks while playing the game.   


The new Snowrunner Version 1.20 Patch note is out and available for download. Players who want to get the bugs and tweaks fixed must download the new patch notes on their respective gaming consoles.

Apart from the common fixes, it also comes with performance improvements and new additions to optimize the gaming experience.

Have you already downloaded the Snowrunner Update Version 1.20 on your console? Please share your experience with the update in the comment section.

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