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Slibuy Reviews (Jan 2021) Check The Legitimacy Here!

Slibuy Reviews (Jan 2021) Check The Legitimacy Here! >> This review shares information about an auction company, and we will explore its legitimacy.

Do you think of yourself as an auctioneer?  If you are, then we have some good news for you in this Slibuy Reviews.

You can bid on products that you want to buy even sitting in your homes, and it is not like you can only get some specific products present on the website; you can also find various products from all other types of qualities. 

The company is called Shorewood Liquidators, Inc. it is a liquidation auction company based in Illinois and sells products wholesale. This company is very famous in the United States and is gaining more consumers daily. 

Let’s know more about this company and is it legit or a scam. 

 What is Slibuy.com?

Considering the Slibuy Reviews, it is an Illinois based wholesale liquidation company that lets you bid on products you like from your home. 

It provides you with truckload quantity from major retailers. It has all kinds of products, including on its auction possibly you can get products what you think of from this website. You can also check the date of the upcoming auction coming on the top of the website page. 

Also, Slibuy.com hosts, every Thursday, consignment auctions, serving third party sellers such as financial institution (Bank) repossessions, foreclosures cleanouts, product closeouts, and overstock, commercial enterprise, warehouse closings, municipal inventory, but the case is not the same always.

So far, we have discussed an auction company slibuy.com. Further, in these Slibuy Reviews, we will discuss more aspects of the company, so stay tuned.


  • URL of the website: https://www.slibuy.com/
  • Domain Age: It is approximately seven years and three months and also updated in 2020. The domain age of the website is 19/09/2013.   
  • The website offers: Auction items and products 
  • Contact Number: The contact number is given on slibuy.com 815-630-2833.
  • Email: support@sliBuy.com
  • Policies: This website is not made for the use of children. It is made for adults’ use, so you must be above 18 while making a deal on this website.
  • Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Discover. 

Pros of Slibuy.com:

  • Slibuy Reviews lets you bid on your favorite product while sitting in your home.
  • It gives you a variety of products to choose from basically it has a vast range of quality products.
  • The reviews on this the website says it all because the reviews are quite positive, and consumers are looking happy with their deals.
  • Social media handles are given to get in touch with them if you face any problems.
  • Contact Number and email option is also given. 
  • Different methods of online payment are provided.
  • You can also change the website’s language by clicking on the language option given in the top-right corner. 

Cons of Slibuy.com     

  • No warranties included in products. 
  • No Emergency services provided. 
  • On the official website, they only focus on positive reviews, but people are not so happy with its services in the other parts of the internet
  • More bad reviews as compared to good reviews online.
  • After services are not so good. 
  • Products are costly. 
  • Only popular across the United States.

Is Slibuy.com Legit? 

In these Slibuy Reviews, we have talked about many aspects of this the particular auction company, but the main thing is that it is legit or not. 

As far as we have researched it, slibuy.com looks legit because of its Domain age and tons of customer reviews, which you will not only find on the official website but also the other reviewing sites. So, it looks good. 

You can bid on the products if you want and check out the official website anytime for your concern because you know individual research can lead you to learn more factors about this website. 

Slibuy Reviews from the Customers 

If you look at the Official website, you will know that consumers are giving only positive reviews, and everybody is happy with this website, but this is only one side of the story. 

They are making you see the brighter side of slibuy.com; however, if you look at more reviews from other resources on the internet, you will know that thoughts are filled with inadequate services, no warranty, don’t buy from here words like that, in reality, bad reviews are more than positive reviews on this website. You can check it yourself if you have any doubts. 


So, in this Slibuy Reviews, we have covered almost every aspect of this company.

By looking at these aspects of slibuy.com, it seems legit because its Domain age is seven years old, and it has lots of customer reviews, either good and negative. You can bid on this website if you want to, but yes after exploring all of the reviews and the website entirely.

Please do share this review if you find it useful by any means and also comment your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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