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This article gives you information on the new website Slapchrisrock com and tells you about the controversy between two famous personalities in Hollywood.

Are you aware of the incident at the academy award between Will Smith and Chris Rock? Do you know that there are many memes regarding this incident, and now there’s a website that allows you to slap Chris too? 

Academy award is a big show for the countries like Italy, Canada, the United States and many other countries as their movie got recognized. However, a recent activity takes place between two actors who introduce the Slapchrisrock com website on the internet.

What is

After the slap, many memes and fun material were circulated on the social media platform regarding the slap and joke. Therefore, a website developer known as Tyler Hamilton brings up a website in which you can slap Chris Rock virtually, and they will record your speed.

It’s funny how someone takes the benefit from someone’s tragedy at an award function and gives us a free online game. It is a bit funny to play slap Chris rock as you can slap the guy repeatedly with different styles and speeds. 

What happens at an Academy Awards show that focused Slapchrisrock com?

During the award night, Chris Rock entertained the audience by telling some jokes and standup comedy, but there was one comment that made Will smith angry.

He jumps out of his place, slaps Chris in front of everyone on the stage, and tells him not to joke about his wife. However, Chris takes everything in a fun way and jokes around, but everyone in the audience got shocked by the step taken by the famous actor. 

The game is the unique idea. Though, is it trustworthy to believe in?

What do people have to say about the game?

People who played Slapchrisrock com say they have enjoyed the game. However, there’s no gain from this game, but the audience gets the satisfaction of slapping Chris Rock again and again. In addition, you can measure up the slap speed and record it to share it with your friends.

Therefore, you can try this game for fun and relaxation for the mind from work stress and, at the same time, get some laughs. Isn’t it funny that a slap becomes a funny movement for everyone except the two involved people in the controversy? 

How can you play Slap Chris Rock?

You need to go to the website Slapchrisrock com to play this game. After that, you need to click on the slap emoji and hold it. Slide the slap emoji towards the Chris Rock icon faster to increase the slap speed.

The website will record your speed, and you can take the unlimited chance of slapping Chris Rock in the game. 

Final Thoughts 

Still, it isn’t clear whether Will Smith or Chris Rock knows about the website, but people enjoy the website and take their stress out of it. You can also try and play the Chris rock slap game and enjoy your fun time at Slapchrisrock com.

Do you support Will Smith’s actions at the Academy Awards? Please share your views with us in the comment section below. 

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