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Shutupandgotobed com {May 2022} Know The Details Now!

Please read this write-up to be aware of Shutupandgotobed com, a recent website that seems to be the promotional teaser of a popular solo project’s next album.

Do you like listening to pop music? Do you follow solo musical projects? Are you aware of a unique promotional teaser by a renowned singer? Then, please read till the end to get all the necessary details.

In today’s report, we have discussed a website and its intention by a famous musician. Fans from various nations, including the United States, are curious about the latest teaser and some anonymous messages. Therefore, please peruse this composition to learn about Shutupandgotobed com.

What is Shutupandgotobed?

Shutupandgotobed is a recently created website that seems to be the teaser for Panic! At the Disco, a solo musical project by Brendon Urie. Readers can decipher the meaning of the website’s name by reading it with spaces. It reads shut up and go to bed. On opening the website, one can see some fields with a background that looks like a stapled page. 

The fields ask the users to fill in their age group and preferred sleeping time. It then calculates the appropriate time to wake up. However, after clicking the Calculate button on Shutupandgotobed com, the result is the same each time. It flashes as 6! 01, irrespective of the entered sleeping time. In addition, the screen displays a somewhat strange message to the readers. It asks the users not to be a diva and that it is time to be free. 

How Did People Come To Know About This Website?

Recently, fans of Panic! At the Disco received an anonymous letter with an alarm clock set at 6:01. The letter conveyed the same message as on the website. The letter’s symbols comprise a crescent, star, and eye, which are part of the band’s logo. The letter ended with Shutupandgotobed com, so people looked for this website on the Internet and discovered its features. The exclamatory sign instead of the semicolon in the time also points toward the band’s name. 

What does the Time Indicate?

The time 6:01 probably indicates 1 June 2022. The hour time corresponds to the month number of June, and the second time marks the date. Fans expect the band’s next release on this date, which will be its first official release after four years. The background song on the website is perhaps the lyrics of the album’s song. 

Is Shutupandgotobed com Legit?

Let us read some facts to assume the legitimacy of this website.

  • Website Age – Fifteen days old, with an establishment date of 2 May 2022. 
  • Website Trust Score – 8%, a Very Bad Trust Index.
  • Social Media Connection – The portal is not connected to any social media platform. 
  • Broken Links – The Terms option opens a blocked page.
  • The Originality of Content – The policy wordings belong to another music company launched in 2017. 

We cannot confirm the legality of this website from the above details. However, we can assume that this website is Brendon Urie’s attempt to promote his next album, likely to be released on 1 June 2022. 


Shutupandgotobed com is apparently a promotional teaser for the upcoming album of Panic! At the Disco. It is a unique technique by Brendon Urie  to promote the release. He had anchored a similar method for the previous album, Pray for the Wicked. 

Did you receive any anonymous letters related to this discussion? Please write to us in the section below. 

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