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shop.playboicarti Com (Dec 2020) Get Merchandise Here! >> Have you heard about this trending merchandise which is very spooky? Read this article to know more!  

shop.playboicarti com; Singers and artists usually release merchandise, it can before their album release or if they are planning to release anything. Merchandise is a medium of promotion this way the fans get hyped on the future release.The merchandise is trending in the United States due to various alarming reasons, so if you want to know why continue reading this article.Here we will be discussing the rappers eye-catching merchandise and why it is gathering so much attention.So let us know more about it.

About Playboi Carti

Playboi Carti is a rapper, songwriter and a singer based in the United States whose original name is Jordan Terrell Carter. As per shop.playboicarti com the singer gained fame by his experimental music choice. The rapper is 24 years old, born on 13th September 1996.The rapper first got attention back in 2017, focusing on genres like hip-hop, punk, cloud rap, trap and mumble rap the rapper had his first associated acts with ASAP mob.

Playboi Carti present life

The singer is currently trending due to his newly released album and the merchandise associated with it. Carti was also under fire after his baby momma called him out for not meeting their son.As per sources shop.playboicarti com reveals that the rapper had not met his son after birth.The singer is also in the news due to his alarming merchandise, and netizens have incredible views.Let’s find out!

Carti’s love for heavy metal

The rapper just launched his second studio album on 25th December along with the merchandise and fans are not quite impressed about the merchandise.The merchandise is heavily influenced by heavy metal; fans think the merchandise is very spooky and does not like com mentions that the merchandise consists of a tee, t-shirt, sleeveless tee, album, hoodies, a rolling tray, skate deck and other accessories like a mug chain, wallet etc.

What is wrong with the merchandise? 

The merchandise comes out very alarming as the visuals used on the clothes are very spooky and scary. The pictures used to look very evil, and fans are trending this due to the weird-looking merchandise.Fans are tweeting claiming this merchandise are very evil and look very scary, some are also saying that they will not buy anything as it seems very scary.One fan also mentioned that if he bought the merchandise, he wouldn’t go to heaven as the merchandise gives an evil vibe.


As per shop.playboicarti com every artist before releasing any new project, always attaches a merchandise list. The merchandise mostly consists of clothes and the album and other accessories strongly resembling the project.Merchandise is a way to earn and promote the project that every artist does, and it tends to be very helpful to boost the sales of the project.This way, the project and the artist also get hyped and gains the fans attention. Please mention your views in the comment section below and share your opinions on this merchandise news

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