Shell 130th Anniversary Scam (July 2021) Stay Alert!

Shell 130th Anniversary Scam

Shell 130th Anniversary Scam (July 2021) Stay Alert! >> The guide shares details about the new scam targeting worldwide consumers to hack their details.

The British-Dutch gasoline brand, Shell, needs no introduction as it is the general public organization headquartered in the Netherlands. However, the brand name is trending online these days amongst the consumers in the Philippines and Canada as scammers are attracting the brand’s loyal customers with a new anniversary scam.

The 130th Anniversary of Shell is the new scam attracting many people worldwide. The loyal customers are attracted to the offers and rewards it claims to provide and, in return sharing their crucial details. 

So, let us delve more to know about the Shell 130th Anniversary Scam.

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What is This Scam All About?

The 130th Anniversary Scam is another online scam or fraud that is targeting worldwide Shell consumers. People must not fall prey to such online scams and stay alert always. The anniversary scam is not associated with or listed on the official website of Shell. However, scammers are using the reputation of such a big brand to fool users and hack their crucial details.

Scammers are targeting innocent consumers with the Shell 130th Anniversary Scam and urging them to participate in a contest to get a chance to win up to $1000. Scammers are sending a suspicious link to consumers and asking them to click on it to participate in the 130th Anniversary Scam.

As the user clicks on the link, they are redirected to the unofficial page of Shell, where they are supposed to claim the rewards. Consumers are asked to share details and update their friends about the scheme to claim rewards. As per the text message, the participants will receive their rewards in 5-7 days after participating in the scheme and completing it successfully.   

How to Protect Yourself from the Shell 130th Anniversary Scam?

There are certain steps that consumers have to take to prevent falling prey to the 130th-anniversary scam. 

  • Consumers are urged not to respond to scam text messages, emails and avoid clicking on the received link.
  • Don’t share any crucial details on the suspicious website you are redirected to, including your banking details and personal details.
  • If you accidentally clicked on the link and shared your details, report it immediately to the eligible authorities, change the password and inform your bank.   

These are the steps you have to take to stay safe from the Shell 130th Anniversary Scam.

Is Shell 130th Anniversary Real?

We have evaluated the scheme online and found that it is another online scam. Shell is the multinational Public Limited Company founded in April 1907. So, the company is only 114 years old and not 130 years old. The 130th Anniversary scheme is a total scam and must be avoided. 

We have also found a few comments on a video review that confirm that it is the new way to hack your details and must be avoided. So, the Shell 130th Anniversary scheme is fraud and must be ignored. If you have accidentally clicked on the link, ensure to learn the tips to protect yourself from a scam.   


So, the Shell 130th Anniversary Scam and not legit, it is clear now. Online scams are getting traction over the worldwide consumers as it claims to offer different rewards and 130th Anniversary is another online scam targeting the global customers. 

The scheme is a scam and must be avoided. Shell is the multinational company that commenced 114 years ago and not 130 years ago. So, it seems to be a scam. 

What is your opinion regarding the scam? Would you please share it in the comments section?

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