Serpent Dna Conspiracy Explained {Aug} Know More Here!

Serpent Dna Conspiracy Explained 2021 aug

Serpent Dna Conspiracy Explained {Aug} Know More Here! >> Do the conspiracy theories are controlling people’s minds? Read the details about the recent incident here.

Are you aware that a man in California has killed his children by claiming that they will grow as a monster? Whether it was right to do so? So, to make you aware of the incident, we are here with today’s article. 

From the time this mysterious news has been out, people from Australia, United States and Canada are shocked and eager to know if the reason behind the death has been justified or not. 

Let’s get well-known with the whole incident and know what happened by exploring Serpent Dna Conspiracy Explained.

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How did the incident occur?

A person named Mathew Taylor Coleman took his two-year-old son and a daughter of ten months over the border and shot them on Monday. Influenced by the Illuminati conspiracy theories and QAnon, he reviewed signs that his children will turn into a monster in the future.

Seeing the sudden disappearance of Coleman and the kids, his wife got worried and tried to contact him. But he did not reply to any text. So, she realised that his husband was in Rosarito, a beach town in Mexican, by using the phone tracking services. He shot both of them with a spearfishing gun that left the bodies of children with unhealed wounds.

Serpent Dna Conspiracy Explained

Taylor believed that his wife has a serpent Dna and has passed it to children. You might be aware that QAnon is a conspiracy theory made by former President Donald Trump. One who follows has to believe in all types of crazy theories that include secret rapes, eat children, and murders. 

As per the views, the followers of QAnon have a belief that by remaining in power, Trump wants to destroy the global cabal. Continue reading the article for complete details about Serpent Dna.

About the Serpent Dna Conspiracy Explained by Coleman, he referred to the DNA in his wife as a lizard. The theory is that the world is run by aliens and holds the topmost position in government and other institutions.

How Coleman justified the murder of children?

Coleman knows that what he did was wrong. But he says his actions were right to save the world. The baseless theories of Serpent Dna took away his both children from him. 

He brutally murdered his kids’ dozens of times. The murdered location contains the mark of blood strains and a spear gun. 

However, as per the Serpent Dna Conspiracy Explained to the followers, Coleman believed that his children are reptilian aliens who will control the earth. 

What is the reaction of the court over the incident?

When Coleman was crossing the borders of the United States, the Mexican authority found the two dead bodies. At the checking point near San Ysidro, he confessed that he was responsible for shooting his kids.

Listening to the confession, the FBI agents took immediate action and put Coleman behind bars without any bond. However, the court will give his decision on August 31.

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Serpent Dna Conspiracy Explained by QAnon made people trust on false and baseless beliefs that forces persons like Coleman to murder their loved ones. By living in the 21st century, it’s high time that we should not believe in such theories.

What are your views about the action of Coleman? Comment and share with us.

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