Selbeh Reviews (March 2021) Is This A Scam Website?

Selbeh Reviews 2021

Selbeh Reviews (March 2021) Is This A Scam Website? >> Please read this article to find if the store is authentic to buy the stuff that you love to shop for cool and cute attires.

Aren’t you that girl who likes to wear fashionable attires on every possible occasion? If you are a lover of online clothes shopping, this article is of great use. Selbeh Reviews article of ours will tell you of an online store that deals in various dresses and other trendy outfits.

The online shop delivers in different areas such as Canada and many more. Please read this article to know about its legitimacy, pros, and cons. 

About Selbeh

If we visit this online store’s official site, we know that it was incorporated in 2015. The company is working as a manufacturer and supplier since the time of its inception. It has its factories in Vietnam and the Philippines. The factories of the company make clothes for many famous brands

Selbeh Reviews lets you know that the company has experienced designers and workers who have been making and designing clothes for millions of women. The registration date of Selbeh is 30th August 2020. 

Widespread in Canada and other regions, the company works as a neutral platform for famous designers and small brands. 


  • Website address:
  • Address: 6 Prospect Way, Near Royal oak Industrial Estate/ Daventry, Northamptonshire, U.K.
  • Contact no.: 447482875871
  • Products: Tops, Casual dresses, Sweaters, Cardigans, Two-Piece Dresses, Sweatshirts, Tees, Sweatshirts, etc. 
  • Free Shipping on orders that are above $79
  • Postal Shipping takes place on 35 Business Days.
  • Express Shipping time as per Selbeh Reviews: 35 Business Days
  • The cost of final Shipping is based on the country or region. There is a corporation with USPS/FedEX/DHL/UPS. 
  • Exchange/Return Guidelines: Return order is acceptable within 30 days of the delivery. No acceptance of returned packages that were delivered on a C.O.D. service.
  • A 10% cancellation fee is applied if you cancel the order made after 24 hours. 
  • Users can track their order after putting in their email-id and order number. 
  • It has a page on Facebook and Instagram. 

Pros of Buying from the Store

  • It offers the trendiest clothes, which are demanded in the fashion industry. 
  • As per Selbeh Reviews, high-quality outfits are available for summers, winters, and spring. 
  • The clothes it offers are available in several colors, sizes, patterns, and fit. 
  • Affordable wardrobe essentials are available for women of different ages.
  • Convenient and Quick Shipping. 

Cons of Buying from the Store

  • There is no clear mention of the payment modes.
  • Less recognition on the Internet.
  • Shipping is free only under some terms and conditions.
  • A complicated shipping policy.
  • No review or feedback is available on the official website. 
  • After 24 hours of order placement, the cancellation charge will apply to the buyers. 

Is Selbeh legit, as per Selbeh Reviews?

  • Selbeh got its registration as an online store on 30th August 2020. 
  • The company has been established to work as a contemporary and gorgeous fashion provider. 
  • It has not a good recognition on the Internet. 
  • It has pages on Facebook and Instagram. There is less activity detected on the social media pages, 
  • It has negligible reviews from the clients. Only on one side the positive feedback is found which seems to be invalid. 
  • The trust score of the website is not appreciable.

Customers on Selbeh Reviews

Reviews and feedback from clients play a crucial role in determining an online shop or outlet’s legitimacy and worth. In the case of this shop, we did not find any concrete feedback. There is only one site wherein we can read the positive reviews but seems to be invalid. 

The users have appreciated the quality of products and found them as advertised. Also, they found that the site is simple to understand and navigate. The users are delighted with the comfortable shopping experience. But, there is no credibility of these reviews, as this is the only website the thoughts have been shared. 


In Selbeh Reviewswe conclude that the site seems to be a suspicious one, but it has fewer reviews and recognition in the market. Its less popularity makes us dubious about its authenticity again. It has a presence on social media, but there are fewer followers and few activities there. No comments or feedbacks are found there. 

The company has a physical address in U.K., but it has factories in the Philippines and Vietnam. The uncertainties of the places raise the question of its legitimacy in our minds again. We suggest you do safe shopping here. 

What do you think of this fashion store? Please write us below in the provided comment section. 

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  1. I know can say Selbeh is a scam – been 1 month and no delivery – email keeps say due to Covid there are delays. No ETA on arrival and emails seem fake. \i highly recommend not making the same mistake I made in making any purchases

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