Seazoning Shop Reviews (April) Legit/Scam | Read Here!

Seazoning Shop Reviews 2021

Seazoning Shop Reviews (April) Legit/Scam | Read Here! >> This article will help you in identifying the actual intentions of the website that sells innovative products.

Are you looking for a Seazoning Shop Reviews or wanting to learn about website’s authenticity? If so, then you are most welcome in this review session.

Today we will tell you about the online ecommerce website that trades in digital items like kitchen scale and other things like a silicone toilet brush. In the United States, you will find many online stores that claim to deliver quality items at the best competent prices, but we can’t trust all of such stores as these days, online scamming websites are increasing rapidly. 

Furthermore, Seazoning Shop has introduced all the latest range of innovative items. But, let us move ahead to know more about its authenticity.

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What is Seazoning Shop?

Considering the Seazoning Shop Reviews, Seazoning Shop is the online website that is established recently on 21 February 2021. Moreover, the store holds the latest technology innovative items like digital kitchen scale and silicone brush. Seazoning Shop aims to deliver eco-friendly items to its customers.

Each item is made using 100% original and high-quality material so that no customers have to compromise on the products’ quality. If you are interested to know more, then please keep reading this review.

Seazoning Shop has a user-friendly interface so that everybody can shop from it without facing any complications. You will find all its offerings on its homepage with its specifications and image. Besides this, all the products that Seazoning Shop trades are beneficial.

For instance, you can use the kitchen scale for various things and it comes with LCD display. However, the silicone toilet brush will help you in the cleaning process. It has a leakproof base, TPR brush head, and suspension design. 

But we recommend you please read these Seazoning Shop Reviews till the end to ensure the website’s authenticity. 

What are the Specifications of the Seazoning Shop?

  • Website visiting link-
  • Company Location- Seazoning Clothing, Star lane, 5806, Houston TX 77057, United States
  • Customer Care Contact Number- not provided 
  • Helpline email –
  • Domain age creation date-21/02/2021
  • Newsletter feature- provided 
  • Exchange and return of the order – within 30 business days after getting the order 
  • Refund duration- the exact timing is not specified. 
  • Transportation duration- not specified. 
  • Delivery charges – not disclosed 
  • Order tracking facility- not specified 
  • Warranty- not specified 
  • Payment methods – Amex, PayPal, Visa and JCB and many more
  • Money-saving offers- not specified

Please keep reading these Seazoning Shop Reviews to collect more information. 

What are the advantages of buying from Seazoning Shop?

  • You will find innovative items in the store.
  • It is having 30 days return and refund policy. 
  • The website has an HTTPS connection. 
  • The contact address is provided on the website.

 What are the disadvantages of buying from Seazoning Shop?

  • It holds limited products on it. 
  • The store is only a few days old.
  • It is an unpopular store. 
  • It does not hold any user reviews. 
  • There is not much information available on the website. 
  • It is not present on any of the social media sites.
  • The absence of a mail server is a bad sign.

Is Seazoning Shop Legit?

After researching every nook and corner of the website in these Seazoning Shop Reviews, we have listed out some points regarding the store to evaluate whether the site is legit or not. Let’s read below:

  • Website domain age– The website is too new as it is registered on 21/02/2021.
  • Trust index score– It has gained a terrible trust score which is 1% only.
  • Company address– The company address mentioned on the website is might be untrue. 
  • Customer feedback– There is no feedback available anywhere.
  • Website content– There is limited content available on the website.
  • Website about us page– The site does not contain any about us page.
  • Website popularity– This website has not achieved any popularity in the online market. 

What are the buyers’ Seazoning Shop Reviews?

We highly regret to say that we could not gather the information regarding the customer reviews as there is no feedback published anywhere over the network. 

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Seazoning Shop is new to this online world and has not gained any customers’ response. Due to this reason, we don’t suggest anybody to shop from it. But if you are interested, then we recommend you cross-check everything from your end before placing your order, or you can wait until you receive some valid shopper’s feedback. 

What is your viewpoint regarding this online store? Please post your response in the comment section of these Seazoning Shop Reviews.

42 Comments on “Seazoning Shop Reviews (April) Legit/Scam | Read Here!”

  1. On March 11 i ordered 2 Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Chairs. Since then I have not gotten any emails or notifications of its shipment
    Iv also emailed about my concernes.Not a word or reply from them either.I believe that ive been scammed , IIf this isnt a legit website i want to cancell my order,,But if it is legit can i get updates on this matter
    Order#15340 from Seazoning website..
    After oredering i noticed sometghing fishy on the site Seazoning Not Seasoning Red Flag to me

    1. I ordered the same thing on the same day. The money came out of my account the same day also. I have not gotten any emails of shipment either and also emailed about this. No reply After reading about this “store” I know I’ve been scammed. I have tried to cancel the order and got no repsonse. This is a total scam

    2. I have exactly the same problem your having, ordered around same time as you. No response back from emails sent. Think I got ripped off.

    3. I ordered 2 about the same time and I’ve never received the chairs. Couldn’t find any way to contact them. Even on my bank statement there was no useful info.

      1. Greetings! Thank you for sharing your review or experience with us and updating other readers about the website’s legitimacy. It is always suggested to check all the evaluations of the website before making any shopping decision. Thank you! Have a Safe and Happy Online Shopping!

  2. ordered a rocking chair on 8 march order #11578… Have not heard from company., no tracking responce at all. Think this may be a spam!!!

  3. Well I guess I got scammed
    I order two chairs folding rockers
    March 6 2021 they took money from my account
    And never heard a thing from them
    Used their e-mail address and no answer
    So I scam don’t buy from them $50.00 down the drain.

  4. I ordered a rocking lawn chair about 3 weeks ago still hasn’t shipped and can’t get in touch with them now. I tried e mail. I think I got scammed. Look out BEWARE!!!

  5. I ordered the freestyle rocker portable folding rocking chair from the Seazoning Shop on March 13, and other than the order confirmation, I have not heard from them since. I have sent them 2 emails and have not received a response. I will keep trying for a few more days.

  6. I too fell into their trap and ordered 2 camping chairs in early March, now I find out the company is a scam. $50.00 is a small price to pay for a hard lesson that my wife has warned me about more than I care to tell. Thank you for the opportunity to voice my story.

  7. featured folding camping chairs on Face Book for $24.99 each on March 10th 2021. I ordered 2 and as of today, March 30th have not received the product. I think I’ve been had by a scam. BEWARE OF PRODUCTS FEATURED ON FACE BOOK THAT LOOK LEGITIMATE!

  8. placed order on March 8th and still have not received my order. Have sent numerous emails about and no response yet. Strongly suggest not ordering from them.

  9. Ordered chairs on 2/27/2021. Received confirmation of order. Have not yet received order. (3/30/2021) Charged my charge card right away. Showed on line paid for but not for filled. Rechecked on line and can no longer log in or locate site. I have filed a complaint with my charge card company and am awaiting results. As far as I am concerned this site owner is a scammer and should be prosecuted. I have sent several emails inquiring about my order and never received any response.

  10. I ordered two outdoor folding, rocking chairs from this site. I placed my order on March 9,2021. I received an email confirming my order. A few days later, the conformation disappeared and the add was no longer on facebook. I was able to send emails through an app called Shop. I sent 3 emails and still haven’t received the chairs or an answer to my emails.

  11. I too have been scammed by Seazoning. March 8th I ordered one folding chair and received a confirmation email. I have since heard nothing from them and have gotten no where in trying to contact them. I’m glad I’m only out 24.99 and not more! This is stealing and they should be held accountable!

  12. I have ordered a counter ice maker on February 28,2021 and have not heard from them. I even emailed them twice with no response. Bad business.

  13. I ordered 2 folding rocking chairs on March 9, 2021. Received a confirmation email and haven’t heard a word since. I’ve sent them 4 emails and reported the fraud to my credit card company. They game me a phone number, but when I called the phone is no longer in service. SCAM! SCAM, SCAM.

  14. Ordered 2 chairs on 3/16/2021 have not seen or heard from these assholes . I turned mine over to bank fraud division to check in to. I have order #

  15. I order 3 freestylerocker order # 19995 Mar.16 and haven’t received them as of yet. The money has been taken out of my bank account but have heard from SeazonShop. This seem’s to be some low life person ripping people off and out of their hard earn money and it need to be stopped. Face Book is known for this kind of stuff but i guess they get a kick back on these product’s that they advertise knowing that it is a rip off.

  16. We also ordered the folding rocking chairs, and have figured out that we have been scammed (duh)! I sent them an email today, but do not expect to hear anything.
    We are going to contact our bank, because we used PayPal. I am also going to write a scathing review on YELP. We feel like fools!

  17. We also ordered the folding rocking chairs, and have figured out that we have been scammed (duh)! I sent them an email today, but do not expect to hear anything.
    We are going to contact our bank, because we used PayPal. I am also going to write a scathing review on YELP. We feel like fools!

  18. On March the 10, 2021 I placed a order for 2 folding rocking chairs, they charged my card on March 11,2021.. I have yet to receive my rockers and have no way to get in touch with them. Don’t order from a Facebook’s a scam!

  19. Same here…ordered a rocker on March 11, 2021, money taken from my account. Sent multiple e-mails but no response. Lesson learned! While I feel for everyone, it’s good to know that this is happening, and not just to me.

  20. I ordered 3 folding rocking chairs on Mar 10 and also have received no response. I purchased 2 of the rocking chairs a year ago at Dicks Sporting Goods and they are great. The on line items appeared to be the same, only much cheaper. I think we all got ripped off. Do we have any recourse? I would like to see the scam artist arrested.

  21. My story the same Total Scam.
    Ordered two rockers received confirmation of order and not another peep. Now website shows unknown. This company jumped in made tons of money and left us hanging without receiving items for money paid. They’ll probably change their name and do it to the next set of suckers that fall for their scam.

  22. Like everyone else above I ordered 2 of the rocking chairs on March 5, 2021. Have not received and they will not respond to email requests.

  23. Ordered two chairs the only thing I got in return is the fact that they took my money then disappeared.

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