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Scoup Wordle {May 2022} Puzzle 333: Get Correct Solution

This news article is related to the online game Wordle and answer number 333 for Scoup Wordle.

Wordle, Wordle, Wordle! Not just a game but a part of daily routine. Are you fond of playing Wordle every day? Do you get stuck with some words while playing Wordle? If yes, then this article will bring stability to your guessing powers. 

Wordle has managed to create its reputation in the online gaming world. But people across Australia have gone crazy for the game. Maybe the game has provided good thinking practices to players. Here, in this article, we will provide the correct answer for Scoup Wordle

Is Scoup the answer for Wordle on 18 May?

Talking about the word count, the word number is 333. So the answer calculated by players across the shop is said to be ‘Scoup’ for 18 May. Although, it is coined as the wrong buzzer answer. Players might guess the answer wrong because the correct word is ‘SCOUR’, not ‘SCOUP’.

Rechecking the first factor says that the answer word should always be five-lettered. Answers with less or more than five letters are immediately coined as wrong. But in this case, the guess was done for five letters. Let us examine clues for Scoup Wordle.

Clues that determine the correct answer for 18 May

  • Firstly, the word ought to be five letters.
  • Two vowels are a must-have.
  • The two vowels used should be ‘O’ and ‘U’.
  • The meaning of the word is a familiar one.

Hint to be noted: The word’s meaning is ‘to rub something with a rough object’.

Arranging all the clues. The only word that hits the mind is ‘Scour’. Nonetheless, ‘Scoup’ is not a word; it is another variant of ‘Scoop’.

Rules and regulations of the gameplay

Here’s how not to make mistakes like the Scoup Wordle. The fact is undeniable that the online game Wordle has many players. However, some essential rules are to be followed. Given below are some basic rules: 

  • Make a note to keep the answer five-lettered always.
  • The game gives six fair chances to all the players.
  • The colours are indicators in the game. 
  • Green, yellow and grey tend to be the helping indicators.

Colour indications

  • The green colour indicates that the guess is right.
  • The yellow colour indicates that the guess is right but at the wrong place.
  • The Grey colour indicates that your guess is a failure.

Why is Scoup Wordle trending?

Scoup is a completely wrong guess, although it is not a word. Whereas, Scour is a word with meaning and suitable for the answer. Players from Australia were waiting for the correct word clarification. Hence, the correct answer for word number 333, 18 May, is ‘SCOUR’.

Final Word

After going through extensive research for Wordle, answer 18 May. We can conclude that Scour and Scoup do not fit each other. Also, the word needs to be with a justified meaning. Ending with Scoup Wordle is incorrect, and SCOUR is the apt answer.

Was the guess a correct one? How many times have you been in trouble while finding the word? Do share your views and suggestions in the comment section below. To find Today’s answer for Wordle, click here. 

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