Schengenspace.Com Reviews (Apr) Find The Legitimacy!


Schengenspace.Com Reviews (Apr) Find The Legitimacy! >> The write-up exclusively mentions all possible areas of the e-commerce site before buyers start buying.

Do you like buying trendy techie gadgets online? Then certainly the article will interest your likings towards trendy gadgets. 

This article will introduce a site that is specifically retailing trendy devices and even cool gaming toys. Along with that, this article on – Reviews will also give you a detailed analysis on whether the site is legitimate in terms of buying or not, as you might have noticed that scammers are almost everywhere, even in the countries like the United States

Are you curious about this legit section? Stick to the article till the last paragraph, and you will get everything you need to know about this company. 

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What is Schengenspace?

The company has specialized in the e-commerce business. The site sells technology-related products. You can easily get trendy gadgets and toys for adolescent kids. 

Wondering Is Legit or not? Don’t worry; the article has detailed information about all the facts you need to know.

The company sells many products from one portal like refrigerators, remote-controlled toys, thermal rifles, etc. You got it right if you think that they have quite a lot of variety, even on the specific category.

Specifications of Schengenspace Website

  • Website Link-
  • Products Offered – Laptops, Inspiron, invertor, airplane remote control, PlayStation pro set with consoles, Sony Bravia TV, mini power banks, smartwatches. , home theatre, and so much more portable devices.
  • Creation Date – While researching for – Reviews, the date of domain creation is found out to be 20th April 2020.
  • Email address –
  • Contact Details – not found on the portal.
  • Shipping – it claims to take not more than 3-7 business days.
  • Return/Exchange – within seven days.
  • Refund – not more than six days.
  • Cancellation – not available on the portal.
  • Address- the location of the company is not shown.
  • Payment Method – credit card, PayPal, or debit card payments are accepted.

Advantages of Schengenspace shopping 

  • They have multiple products available in a specific portal.
  • The portal has trendy gadgets available.
  • The company claims hassle-free return 
  • The website is precisely created 11 months ago.


  • According to Reviews – not even a single review of the customer has been found.
  • They claim hassle-free returns but have some qualification criteria to take your product back.
  • The company lures you with exceptional cheap offers.
  • You will have to pay a certain amount for the return shipment.
  • The confidence rate of Schengenspace, with a view of scam.doc, is really low.
  • The company of Schengenspace has no social popularity among the consumer, according to the Alexa ratings.
  • The company has hardly any social media presence; neither of the integral, Facebook nor Twitter handles are found.
  • The company takes zero responsibility for third-party links.
  • They have no phone number details, in case of needs.

 Is Legit Or Scam 

The foremost important points- 

  • Age of Domain – The Company has been created on the internet on 20th April 2020, almost a year.
  • Confidence index- The trust rating of the Schengenspace is low; it has just been rated on 1% confidence for buying from them.
  • Plagiarized Content – The shopping site of Schengenspace has copied 100% of their content from various websites, which are later claimed to be scam websites.
  • Address- The portal has no location data given of their real production company or even retailing office.
  • Contact details-. They have not provided any details to contact them on call, whereas the trustworthy website allows you to call in emergencies.
  • Customer Reviews – Not even a single review is found on the internet.

According to these pointers, the Schengenspace seems suspicious; read more to know about it. 

Reviews Of Customer On Schengenspace

While reviewing a site, the most important factor is customer reviews; you can’t directly buy products before even knowing. The customer reviews show up the goodwill of the company to a certain extent. While surveying the company of Schengenspace, not even a single review has been found; the critics have directly rated it as a suspicious site.

Final verdict

In the final results of Reviewsthe site is suspicious to buy from. Even after considering the case that it was created almost a year ago. The company has a really bad trust score, no reviews of buying in real life.

The only advice will be not to shop from them. Have you ever fell for some scandalous website? Comment below!

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