Scamcoin Price (April 2021) Get The Deep Insight Here!

Scamcoin Price (April 2021) Get The Deep Insight Here!

Scamcoin Price (April 2021) Get The Deep Insight Here! >> The following article shares the trending cryptocurrency token that develops in the market cap within a day.

Have you heard about the Scam coin who recently gained a lot of popularity due to its excellent market cap? Should you invest in it? Is it a scam? You will find answers to all your queries here.

A person from the United States made a new Crypto token, which gained a market cap of over 70 million in the first hour. 

Scamcoin Price is increasing, and it looks like people are getting a hold of it. 

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About Scam Coin

Simple Cool Automatic Money preferentially as we know it “Scam Coin” is a cryptocurrency token. It was released only yesterday by a guy who shot a TikTok about it. The owner claims that he just did it for fun and never thought it might get such an overwhelming response. 

It might be the first unadvertised Cryptocurrency to get over a $70 million market cap within one hour of its release.

Let us first take a look at some specifications before discussing the Scamcoin Price and its real worth. Please read this article till the end to know whether it is a good idea to invest in it or not.

Specifications of “Simple Cool Automatic Money”

  • The Scam Coin has a total supply of 10,000,000,000,000.
  • The total market cap of Scam Coin has reached over 1.6 billion dollars.
  • The Scam Coin’s LP (Liquid Providers) BNB holdings are a little over 40 BNB, equivalent to USD 20k. 
  • The taxable amount on purchase varies from site to site according to their convenience fee.
  • The token can be purchased or traded like any other token based on BNB or BSC.

Know the Scamcoin Price

The Scam Coin has seen a lot of fluctuation in its price. One of the top reasons for it is that it is just a day old, and just because it was trending, some people invested in it just for being a part of the trend, and the Scam Coin’s all-time high reached above USD 0.002841407 per token.

As of now, the price of a Scam token is approx. USD 0.000216565. That’s a lot of difference right there. Situations like these are known to happen with new cryptocurrencies as people get too excited about the new trends.

Now that we saw the Scamcoin Price let us check if it is worth it.

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Is Scam Coin Worth Investing In?

My answer would be a no. The crypto token is new, and the Liquid burn might eat up 80% of its market cap. Scam Coin is too new to be trusted.


Cryptocurrency trading is not an easy job. Just because a token looks promising and trendy doesn’t mean it will do well. There are many factors like liquidity and burn, which can change everything.  

Scam Coin might have gained popularity and a spike in its market cap but, it is too risky, and people will see soon Scamcoin Price drop.

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