RWC 2023 Tickets (Feb 2021) Get Complete Details Here!


RWC 2023 Tickets (Feb 2021) Get Complete Details Here!-> The starting date of the most anticipated tournaments has been announced, so read the details here. 

Are you one of the rugby enthusiasts? Are you aware of the recent announcement about the upcoming rugby world cup?

The countdown has begun after the recent announcement of the Rugby world cup. United Kingdom’s Rugby lovers, as well as international fans, are engaged on the internet for searching RWC 2023 Tickets.

Are you one of them? Then this article will help you out with minute information about this game and ticket details.

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When will the rugby world cup be commenced?

As the sources reveal, the most anticipated game ever, the Rugby world cup, will be commenced on 8th September 2023, and the final match will be taken place on 21st October 2023.

Like earlier, France has hosted the world cup match, 2023’s world cup will be organized in France. Each match will be played in France till the final.

Why do people need to purchase RWC 2023 Tickets?

There are a handful of reasons; among the participating country list is one. As the gaming authority has mentioned, the teams which will be in the top three positions in the pool-stages in tournaments 2019 will automatically get the opportunity to participate in 2023’s world cup tournament; moreover, a total of 8 teams will join the tournaments after the qualifying procedure.

The confirmed teams which will take part in the fascinating game are- Japan, France, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Wales, Scotland, England, Fiji, Ireland, New Zealand, and Italy. This world cup will bring immense surprises to international rugby lovers.

How to purchase RWC 2023 Tickets?

The best way to know the ticket details is by visiting the ‘Rugby World Cup’ official website. You can register on, or to know updated news about ticket selling, presale opportunities, special offers, priority access, and much more.

The ticket selling process has not started yet; according to the update, the 2023’s world cup ticket will be sold to worldwide fans in the next month, i.e., March 2021.  

The travel agents are allied with Rugby 2023 tournaments will allow people to book ticket inclusive tour packages. 

Do you know which teams will play with whom?

Another reason to purchase RWC 2023 Tickets is- each team from the four pools will play with their pools team groups, and winners will be qualified for the quarter-finals.

  • Americas 1 (USA), New Zealand, Africa 1 (Nambia), France, and Italy will compete in Pool 1.
  • Asia-Pacific 1 (Tonga), South Africa, Europe 2 (Portugal), Scotland, and Ireland will play against each other in Pool 2.
  • Europe 1 (Georgia), Wales, Fiji, final qualifier winner, and Australia will play in Pool 3.
  • Argentina, Japan, Americas 2 (Uruguay/ Canada), England, Japan, and Oceania 1 (Samoa) will compete in Pool 4.


In the end, we can say United Kingdom’s people are so much excited about this news and searching for ticket booking. As per the Rugby world cup officials, the RWC 2023 Tickets will open for sale next month. So what are you waiting for? Visit and registered on the official Rugby world cup site and get daily updates on this matter.

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