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Ruben Solorio Obituary {July 2022} Get Complete Insight!

The article below provides awareness for the memorial mass celebrated for Ruben Solorio Obituary on the 25th of October.

Have you heard about the tribute and memorial passed for a 59-year-old man? Do you want to know who this legendary and iconic figure is? You are on the right page if you want to know more about it.

Users from the United States are curious about the memorial mass celebrated on the 25th of October. However, he passed away long back. 

Read below for more details and specifications about Ruben Solorio Obituary.

What Caused His Death?

Deacon Ruben Solorio was the president of invites school in San Josh by the name of Sacred heart. During his 90s, he has done many community services, and after 2010 he also dedicated himself as a full-service teacher.

During their days at Trinity School and Loyola Marymount University, he had a healthy lifestyle and balanced work culture. As soon as the days passed, he went through natural death. He passed away on the 5th of October at the age of 59. Friends and family are preparing an obituary for Friday at 10am.

Scroll down to know more about why this day is celebrated annually!

Ruben Solorio Obituary

This pacified section spoke for the degree of the common individual at a higher position and served the nation with his reputed degrees and skills. He has received a bachelor’s degree in education from Sacramento state college. After spending 25 years as an accountant in the States, he still gave thousands of cracking stories and big smiles to his fellow mates and other people around.

Altho people have stated his death to have a hidden cause. The family has a disturbing mindset and is not mentally stable to provide factual information for the moment of uncertain loss.

Date and Venue for Ruben Solorio Obituary

Ruben Solorio was the wife of Carlos R., his son and Martha, his sister. However, the respectful president and deacon passed away 25 years and still, the legacy of celebration is maintained by the professional and community groups. 

The relatives have arranged for the new community memorial for 2022. The details for the mass memorial are as follows: –

  • Time – 10:00 Am
  • Day- Friday
  • Address – St. Anne’s Catholic Church 215 W. Walnut Lodi.
  • Invited people – the invited people are friends, family, community and others.

How to Join

The users can join through the online as well as an offline process. 

Why is Ruben Solorio Obituary trending?

The news is trending as after the incident of 1997; an annual day is selected for the ritual ceremony of Ruben. Being the president and permanent deacon of San Jose in the diocese, the professional community gathered to speak out the core values and learn from his life and tribute of respectful death.


In conclusion, we can see that details about Ruben’s life is mentioned. Graduating from California, he has made the lives of hundreds simple and inspiring. The online and the personal presence for the burial is announced officially.

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