Royal Mail Reshipment Scam (March) Let’s Find Facts!


Royal Mail Reshipment Scam (March) Let’s Find Facts! >> Read the write-up and understand how people are trying to make scams, and you can get caught in a particular scam. Stay alert and be safe.

Hi friends, do you know “The Money Is The Same, But Whether You Earn It Or Scam, It Is Your Vision.”

The curiosity among the United Kingdom people has made us write the review on Royal Mail Reshipment Scam.

People must know that curiosity is the Mother of scams. Let’s read ahead about this scam.

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What exactly the Royal Mail Scam is?

If there is a mail or a phishing attempt which mentions the text like the royal mail parcel is pending for delivery, please settle the amount 2.99 GBP.

And if there is a link under it its means folks that this is a scam message!

You heard right. This message is floating on various users, mobile phones, and inboxes, which is scam.

How this message is beneficial to the scammers?

The message says that the package will be returned to the sender if you do not pay the amount.

Royal Mail Reshipment Scam message makes the receiver curious who wants to have the parcel. Once the link is clicked, it will land on a fake Royal Mail Portal Page.

Again the page will say that the parcel is waiting due to an unpaid shipping fee of GBP 2.99.

The page asks you to fill in certain personal information like Your Name, Date Of Birth, Email, Contact Number, Address with City Postcode.

On clicking continue, you will be landed to the second section where your card information needs to be entered; Cardholder Name, Card Number, Card Expiry, Card CVV, Account Number, and Sort Code.

Once you provide all this information and click on submit, the scammer will have all your personal and credit card information.

How to track that Royal Mail Reshipment Scam is a scam message?

  • Royal Mail is a reputed organization, and they never contact the customer unless and until it is required.
  • If there is some package, they will directly contact the customer via their proper channel and generate an invoice, not they will send this scam messages.
  • The email message or the text message which will come to you will have an unofficial Domain name like ‘Uk(dot)royalmail-bill(dot)com.’

How to get yourself safe from such scams?

Ensure that the message is a scam and do not click on any link. Do not provide any information on any link of Royal Mail Reshipment Scam related to your personal and credit card details.

If you are expecting a package, then straight away, call the Royal Mail official’s customer care.

What to do if one has entered the information?

As a vigilant citizen, any scam should be reported to the National Cyber Security Center. You can email them by sending a mail to

Final verdict 

During the lockdown period, many people have waited for some packages to arrive.

This is the time when scammers got active again and started sending such fishing messages to the people.

We have mentioned above every piece of information related to such frauds and Royal Mail Reshipment Scam. We advise you to report it directly to the officials and do not click on any link, and provide your personal and credit card information.

Have you received any such messages? What was your step or action towards it? Please share so that everyone can be aware.

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