Royal Mail Reschedule Scam {Mar} Check The Details Here

Royal Mail Reschedule Scam 2021
Royal Mail Reschedule Scam {Mar} Check The Details Here -> Let’s go deep into this scam and find out the ways of overcoming it.

Nowadays, the latest scam is circulating in the United Kingdom in which people are getting fake emails from the Royal Mail company. The mail states that the customer’s delivery has to be rearranged and they have to pay the charge for it. This scam is spreading rapidly in the U.K and many people have reported about it. Many people have become a victim of it.

So, if you are a resident of the U.S. and take services of Royal Mail then, you must be aware of the Royal mail reschedule scam and must follow all the guidelines issued by the Royal mail company. To know more about this scam and preventive measures do read the full article below.

What is a Royal Mail scam?

Currently, the Royal mail scam is doing rounds all over the U.S. In this scam, fake mails, and texts are being sent to the people of the United Kingdom to steal their personal information like bank details, and other personal info. In this scam, the fraudsters and hoaxers sent fake emails and messages to people regarding their rescheduling of delivery

The Royal mail reschedule scam message says ” your package has a £2.99 shipping fee, to pay this now visit.” The message further says “Actions will be taken if you do not pay this fee,” In the email, there’s a reschedule link-when clicked on that asks for personal bank details for paying the redelivery fee. 

After two scams have taken place, the Royal Mail highlighted the scams with the help of Twitter and warns the people of the U.K. to be aware of the fraudulent emails and messages. 

How to track a scam mail or message

The royal mail company has issued guidelines to track the Royal mail reschedule scam. The company says:

  • The fraudsters often use greetings like “Attention Royal Mail consumers”
  • The hoaxers may use forged email addresses like “”.
  • The company states that the fraudsters may use the royal mail logo on their fake site.

Along with this, the company issues certain strategies which the fraudsters may use to steal your personal information like.

  • They may send you a message stated “Your parcel is waiting”
  • They may ask for payment before delivery
  • They may prompt you to open a link or share your bank details.

The company states that in order to save yourself from the Royal mail reschedule scam every customer must be aware of the fraudulent activities. Also, the company says that royal mail never asks for personal information and never charges for redelivery.

How to report a scam?

The royal mail has requested people who are getting fake emails and messages to report the scam by filling their online form. Also, the company has suggested people get a crime reference number by reporting the scam to the nearest police station.


So, that’s all you must know about the Royal mail reschedule scam. We have explained all the detailed facts about this scam and also have explained the ways of tackling it. We hope that you will find all the above information helpful and maneuver the information to trace any type of fraudulent activity. 

Do you want to get safe from any fraudulent activity? Follow the safety guidelines properly on the royal mail website.

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