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Rosane Kaingang 2022 is a social activist of Latin America who fought for the rights of local people, and Google Doodle is celebrating her life.

Do you want to Know about an activist Rosane Kaingang, and the reason behind celebrating 3rd June as Google Doodle in her name? Many people in Brazil must be familiar with this name, but it’s not known to the global internet audience. 

Google’s attempt to celebrate 3rd June as Doodle day is a welcome gesture as more people will know about her contribution to the cause of locals. In the post Rosane Kaingang 2022, we will discuss her contribution and Google’s reason for choosing 3rd June for celebrating her life. 

Google Celebrating 3rd June as Rosane Doodle:

Google Doodle is a welcome initiative by the search engine giant to bring the contribution of people in different spheres of life to public notice. The new generation didn’t know much about past events and personalities, but this initiative will help them know about it. 

Rosane Kaingang was an activist from the southern part of the country and started her fight for local people’s rights on 3rd June 1992 during the Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro.

Rosane Kaingang Wiki:

Rosane joined the indigenous movement on 3rd June 1992, and this is the reason for celebrating Google doodle on her name. She fought for the rights of local ethnic groups and joined many movements to achieve her goal. 

  • Name – Rosane Kaingang
  • Age at the time of Death – 54 years
  • Death Year – 2016
  • Profession – Social Activist
  • Ethnicity – Kaingang
  • Native name – Kokoj means Hummingbird
  • Husband – Alvaro Tukano

She was one of the most respected leaders from the south of the country and joined various organizations to fight for the rights of Kaingang and its women. Rosane Kaingang Wiki found that she died of cancer in 2016 after battling the disease for three years.

Rosane Kaingang and her Work as Activist:

Rosane belonged to the Kaingang ethnic group of the country, primarily residing in three districts of Parana, Rio Grande do Sul, and Santa Catarina. She realized that local people were deprived of their rights and foreigners were living on their resources.

  • She joined the Articulation of Indigenous people of Brazil (APIB) and the Articulation of Indigenous people of the southern region.
  • Rosane joined Funai in 2001 and became the general coordinator for community development programs.

Rosane Kaingang 2022 on her Work for Women:

Although she is mainly known for fighting for the rights of indigenous people, her contribution to women’s rights can’t be ignored. She was a founding member of the National Council of Indigenous Women (CONAMI), a body that allowed women to raise their voices as a group.

Rosane works in quality education, sustainable community development, and medical services, helping women recognize their rights. She helped the Human Rights Commission explore the violations of the human rights of indigenous people.

Final verdict:

Google Doodle’s initiative of celebrating the life of activists like Rosane Kaingang 2022 will generate awareness among the global audience. It will persuade people to fight for their rights and bring an equitable distribution of wealth for each individual. 

People can share their thoughts on Rosane Kaingang’s contribution to society in the comment section. 

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