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Rocket League Error 42 ps4 (Feb) How To Sort Problem

Rocket League Error 42 ps4 (Feb) How To Sort Problem -> Are you finding any difficulty while playing Rocket League game then you must read over this article.

Many players present Worldwide playing Rocket league are experiencing Rocket League Error 42 ps4 mismatch version.

Rocket League game is prominently played all around and has acquired the right place in the gaming community. Its a vehicular soccer game which is played online. This game was launched five years back; however, still, many people had a keen interest in playing this game. Adding some new updates developers had tried to add new features and content to this game, which had greeted some of the error messages while playing rocket Leagues, such as error 42, mismatch version, and few other issues. 

Please have a look below and know-how can we sort out these issues.

What Is Rocket League Error 42 ps4?

This error is generally faced by players who use PlayStation while playing rocket League on pc. As per the internet media source, this problem usually occurs when there is some performance issues. Whenever pc works low, being unable to download the title of game fast enough results in such trouble. 

While coming across such issues, make sure that your computer’s hardware doesn’t match the least hardware necessity necessary to play a rocket League game. Further, this trouble also comes when there is connectivity issues or failed internet. So, check your internet connectivity while playing rocket League game to avoid Rocket League Error 42 ps4.

How To Sort Out Rocket League Error 42?

We are presenting you some steps to avoid this error. We hope it works!

  • Poor Connection: Many errors arise just because of the low internet speed for this check, you have a stable and strong wifi connection that allows you to play the game without any disturbance. Restart your phone and see whether the network is stable or not.
  • Secondly, you need to fulfil specific hardware necessity of rocket League game in your pc. If your PC’s hardware doesn’t match that requirement, there may be errors due to it. So, please check whether has a minimum of hardware requirement or not.
  • Rocket League Error 42 ps4 also occurs when you join the game, and the time setting of your system does not match the standard timing of the game. So make sure you had set the same time in your system. For resolving this, go through your time setting and set the time accordingly.


After we inspected why this error are being experienced Worldwide by only Rocket League players, we got to know some of the reasons for it that we have already penned down in this article. Moreover, you can also resolve this issue by going through the steps we have shared to avoid Rocket League Error 42 ps4.

We hope this article might be useful for you. If you had further any questions or thoughts you want to share with you, let us know by sharing it below!

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