How To Buy The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner In 2021

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The guide shares the compressive tips for consumers to buy the best robot vacuum cleaner in 2021.  

Enjoy the era of cleanliness and true wisdom offered by the innovative cleaning methods of Roidmi EVE Plus by Xiaomi. The cleaning device is here to redefine the sweeping and home cleaning with automated and smart dust collection, powerful suction and mopping, efficient path planning, and powerful surging suction. 

Roidmi EVE Plus is a robot vacuum cleaner with a mopping function, and it can vacuum the floor and mop the surface for effective cleaning. After cleaning, it returns to the charging station, which acts as the garbage collecting can, with deodorizing and antibacterial technology to eliminate the chance of foul smell. 

What is Roidmi EVE Plus?

Roidmi EVE Plus is an intelligent and innovative household robot vacuum cleaner with self-emptying and mopping functions. The robot vacuum cleaner comes with a mop that vacuums and mop the floor simultaneously. 

 After cleaning the surface, it returns to the charging station, which comprises a dirt collecting container. The dirty collected by the cleaner is automatically emptied into the self-emptying container, sealed, and backed by deodorizing Active oxygen and antibacterial technology to eliminate the foul smell.   

The station features a 3L dust collection bag. The robot vacuum cleaner has higher suction power, intelligent control via a dedicated App, and compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Who’s This For?

  • People who are allergic to dust and have asthma must use Roidmi EVE Plus as it is suitable for efficient cleaning. It comes with a self-emptying dust collection bag with a deodorization and antibacterial system to restrict dirt exposure and eliminate odor and mold. 
  • If you have pets with heavy shedding issues, then Roidmi EVE Plus is the best cleaning tool for your house. It comes with an average suction power of 2700pa that picks dirt and pet dander efficiently. 
  • If you live in a large home where cleaning every corner and nook is impossible for you, you are requested to bring home the new robot cleaner Roidmi EVE Plus. It comes with a long-lasting battery that covers the entire house. It can save up to five pathways or maps to be used on diverse floor levels. 
  • Even if you are out of your house, you can control the cleaning robot via the dedicated application and enjoy real-time mapping for efficient home cleaning.   

Technical Specifications of the Product 

  • Cleaning Area – 250 sq. meter
  • Suction Power – 2700 Pa
  • Climbing Height – 2.0cm
  • Battery Type – Lithium-Ion Battery (5200mAh)
  • Water Tank – 0.25L
  • Power – 50W
  • Dust Bag – 0.3L
  • Mapping Sensor – LDS
  • Number of Side Brushes – Two
  • Dimension – 9.8×35×35 cm
  • Weight – 3.6KG   
  • Certifications – Meets EAC, EMC, CB, FCC, and CE Standards 

What are the Benefits of Roidmi EVE Plus?

  • The high suction capacity of 2700 Pa
  • High-end features and functions available at an affordable rate
  • Latest navigation system 
  • Self-emptying dust bin
  • Supports no-mop zone and a no-go zone
  • Features antibacterial and deodorization system to prevent foul smell 
  • Auto-cleaning of floors with mopping  
  • Path planning facility for auto cleaning and mopping
  • Supports up to five different mapping
  • Up to 18 kinds of sensors to cover the entire house

How to Buy the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner in 2021?

  • Start from Your Home – The very first thing you have to look for is the flooring your house has. If your home has carpet flooring, check its thickness and think about the pets and their dander. You have to find the best robot vacuum cleaner that can efficiently clean all floors and collect pet hairs. Roidmi EVE Plus has all these functions, and it is the best option to buy in 2021.
  • Decide a Budget – The second important factor is the budget of the robot vacuum cleaners. But, you are not always required to spend a fortune to buy the best robot vacuum cleaner. There are affordable models available like Roidmi EVE Plus, which is available for around $400. But, with a proper comparison, you can find it at discounted rates online.
  • App Support – The robot vacuum cleaners with App support is always preferred. So, buy a vacuum cleaner that supports mobile applications for easy monitoring and controlling. Roidmi EVE Plus has App support to control the cleaning session and map out the house and no-go zones.
  • Navigations – The vacuum cleaners with varying navigations and sensors are always the best choice. Roidmi EVE Plus has multiple navigations and easy controls for scheduling cleaning sessions and sensing the no-go zones automatically. 


Gone are the days when you have to clean your house manually. It is the era of automatic robot vacuum cleaning, and it is possible with the innovative robot vacuum cleaner, Roidmi EVE Plus

People who want intelligent cleaning sessions at their home without manual intervention must try it as it comes with many advanced features to make home cleaning a breeze. 

Are you already using Roidmi EVE Plus? Then, please share your views in the comment section.

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