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This article describes a Portuguese website that provides the content to its users on reward-based websites and mobile applications. Read on Rifastech com.

Are you interested in knowing about a website that provides different contents for generating additional income? If yes, you are at the right article to know more details about this website.

The main content is targeted to an audience interested in earning some extra income online. People from Brazil and those who know Portuguese are interested in the various earning features provided by the website to generate an additional income stream. Continue reading till the end to know more on Rifastech com.

About Rifastech Website

Rifastech is a popular Brazilian website that provides various mobile applications and website content. The website suggests various small online tasks that provide small earnings to those who complete the task properly.

The contents and articles provided on the website introduce multiple android and iOS applications and games that can be used to complete simple tasks and play games that will help generate coupons to earn more rewards. The article on the website mentions step-by-step methods to install mobile applications and the procedures that need to be followed.

Rifastech com

  • The website is only available in Portuguese.
  • The website domain was registered on 9th June 2020.
  • The domain age is 1 year and 181 days, making it a young website.
  • The trust score of the website is 20%. The low trust score is due to the security risk detected by the browsing API of Google Safe.
  • The website suggests multiple new earning apps and games that should be considered as there is a risk in installing uncertified apps.
  • The user show is aware of online payment frauds while cashing out the rewards credited by these websites or applications.

More about the Website

  • Apart from the extra income article, Rifastech com also provides news-based content to visitors. The different news categories available on the website are related to human rights, health, storage and politics.
  • The website describes the process that the user needs to follow to generate income using games and applications.
  • The website also provides multiple screenshots of various processes to help users understand. These helpful and easy to understand concepts published as contents helped the website attract more students and elders to the website.
  • The content also contains information about the detailed process to receive the exact reward as mentioned on Rifastech com.
  • Additional rewards are provided to the users according to their involvement. 
  • The major tasks involve spinning roulette, completing mini-tasks, completing different mini-games, watching video ads in the application or games.
  • The website also provides links to mobile applications and games. The users can also earn by referring their friends using their referral code.


Websites that provide information on reward-based applications are highly alarming as spammers build many applications to perform fraudulent activities to their users. To know more about this topic, please visit.

Have you tried any website similar to Rifastech com? If yes, please comment below about your opinion.

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