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Richard First Kidney Transplant {July} Know Discovery!

Richard First Kidney Transplant {July} Know Discovery! >> Know about a historical event of medical science that reflects that doctors are indeed the representatives of God.

Have you heard of Dr Richard Lawler? Most of us do not know who he is. But his name is a very well known one in the history of medical science. Whether in Canada or Australia, or United Kingdom or the United States, the importance of kidney transplants is not unknown, and Richard was its pioneer.

So, let us take a look at how Richard First Kidney Transplant happened.

About Dr Richard Lawler

Dr Richard Lawler was the person who pioneered the organ transplant and started a legacy that saved millions of lives. His courage and efforts brought a revolution in medical science. Dr Lawler was an MD, and he was practising as a senior attending surgeon at County Hospital at that time.

Before performing the kidney transplant on a human, Richard had done several organ transplant experiments on dogs. And then, he applied all the knowledge obtained from these experiments to his first-ever human trial and made it possible for Richard First Kidney Transplant to succeed.

But, unfortunately, after this, Dr Lawler hadn’t performed any other organ transplant in his life as in his words, he “just wanted to get it started”. He was also a faculty at the School of Medicine of Loyola University; He died at 86 in the same hospital where he created history.

Details About the First Kidney Transplant

On 17th June 1950 Little Company of Mary Hospital witnessed a revolution. Dr Richard Lawler accomplished the world’s first successful kidney transplant in this hospital with the assistance of Raymond Murphy, MD; Mary Lou Zidek, RN; James West, MD; and Nora O’Mally, a scrub nurse.

The patient of Richard First Kidney Transplant was a Chicago woman of 49 years of age named Ruth Tucker. Tucker was suffering from PKD.

In this situation, the sole option for her survival was kidney transplant as dialysis was not widely available. But since aids like immunosuppressive agents and tissue typing were not general at that time, the kidney selection was done on basic requirements like same blood group, same gender and roughly same physical shape and age.

After waiting for five weeks in the hospital bed, when finally Ruth received a suitable kidney, the operation took place. Richard First Kidney Transplant was completed within less than one hour after the donor’s kidney was removed. During the procedure, 40 other doctors witnessed the process, and a cameraman was also there to film the whole process.

The Result

Though Tucker’s body rejected the new kidney, we can still call the operation successful because the kidney functions for more than two months. And during this period, the normal kidney functioning was restored in Tucker’s body, which provided her a life of another five years. You can gather more details about this revolutionary event here 


Richard First Kidney Transplant opened a new path in medical science which has improved over the period of time and has provided hope of life to millions. Performing an organ transplant without today’s technological helps was courageous and risky. Still, his courage not only made him the pioneer of organ transplant but had also enriched medical science.

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