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Reviews Guideline

Here, we come up with some of the pointers that are so vital in our articles’ guidelines. Apart from the necessary know-how of the articles, we have a few things below that you ought to follow below: 

  • We make all our efforts to help readers in finding the best and right products. 
  • We keep all the community guidelines in mind. 
  • We share all tips and tactics with the help of which they can acquire all the desired information that is too helpful.
  • Our views about the products and services are genuine, whether the product is a scam or a genuine one. 

What we want to heard from you?

Our only aim is to help the readers to acquire the desired information that we will require to make an informed decision about the right product or services and make their buying decision accurate. We would love to assist them in making all such decisions. 

On Cinejoia.tv, you are all free to submit your real opinion regarding the products and services in the comment box for all sorts of reviews as posted on our platform. We encourage you to share your point of view whether in favour or not. 

Anyone who wants to buy or has bought products can write their experience about the same, and we value your perspectives when these are all real. 

What type of reviews do we wrap on Cinejoia.tv?

Now, we are going to jot down some topics that our platform cover till its inception: 

  • Health Products
  • Online Software
  • Beauty Products
  • Utility Products
  • Finance related Products
  • Kitchen products
  • Home Décor products
  • Real Estate Services
  • And other income apps. 

What we do after a review has received? 

Once we get the review from you, our team of professionals will verify all the information as written on the articles and keep an eye on the article’s quality. The quality check team will make sure that the content is in line with all guidelines and matches with the standard of our website that we need. 

Thus, we edit the content as and whenever we feel the need in some exceptional instances. As we have already informed above, our qualified professionals will come across the whole content received to get published on Cinejoia.tv. 

In such cases, the team will also go through all analogies to identify the genuineness of the information as provided and the editing that is required from our side. Sometimes, we do make changes in the vocabulary to place some words that are easy to understand and also relevant to the content. 

Afterwards, we move forward with the session of proofreading, where all grammatical errors and spelling mistakes get rectified. When we are satisfied with the reliability and non-partisan of the article, then it leads to approval or rejection of the article. 

If approved, it will get published on our platform. 

How to write a review in a perfect way? 

We are going to shed light on few aspects that will make the article ideal for readers, and you need to follow these: 

  • The motive of the review is to help readers in choosing between the products whether it is right to use or not. 
  • It should signify a real experience based on compatibility as well as usage. 
  • It should provide all info about the product or service.
  • Assist people in making choices whether the buying decision is right or wrong. 
  • We share all facts by a fair and reliable review. 
  • The review ought to be well-formatted and easy to understand. 
  • It takes no time for readers to decide right and wrong. 
  • The reviews are free from all mistakes and errors. 

Do we remove reviews or not? 

Yes, we have all rights to remove any review from our platform as it deems fit. If we found the review is biased and not fair in any manner, then it may lead to removal from our website. Also, if there is any aspect involved in the article that is not in compliance with the Cinejoia.tv guidelines, then we will remove the posted article. 

In case if the readers found that the reviews are not at all excellent or seem inappropriate, then they can contact us anytime to discuss personal concerns.

However, we never remove any reviews as the majority comes from unbiased and genuine points of view. Also, we keep the reader’s views in mind. 

About team of professionals 

Our professionals make a lot of different changes in various sections that we have mentioned below: 

  • Identity Check: We make a background check on the user’s review by exploring all details such as person name, email ID and others. If they fail to identify so, then we ensure not to post the review in any circumstances.  
  • Conflict Check: The name and the company get checked for all products and websites they are reviewing. The review will not get live online if written with a motive of affiliation program or any sponsorship.   
  • Content Check: Each review post needs to pass all the evaluation procedure to show its genuineness, authenticity and matches with all quality standards. If the content is irrelevant, then it leads to unpublished reviews.  


Being a part of Cinejoia.tv, the professionals have an aim in mind to offer genuine and free from biased reviews that can deliver the right info to all readers. For the last six years, we are in this field and growing to provide the readers with all real info, nothing false. We know sometimes we lack inaccuracy, but we all are humans and make mistakes sometimes. 

Additionally, we make our best efforts to keep control over the fake and unauthorized reviews by bearing all theories in mind. Therefore, the Cinejoia.tv team is liable to cancel all reviews and not post content that is not aligned with the guidelines. 

If you have any queries or questions about the reviews guidelines, then feel free to get in touch with us through our email, info@cinejoia {dot} tv.

Note: Please don’t contact us for any refund or return or if you have any issue with the product’s quality as we are not associated with any site or product. Reach directly to the concerned company only as we won’t help you in this matter.