Reviews Guideline

The website primary logic is simple, and it focuses on sharing reviews in the form of posts after several hours of research. As a result, our readers get unbiased reviews about any products and services to make wise decisions.

A specific editorial guideline is created to ensure an error-free flow of the process. It states how one must write the website’s reviews. 

Fair in the Overall Approach

Our write-ups or reviews are not for promoting any brand or service. It is not for downgrading or damaging the image of the brand. All our write-ups are created with a fair mindset, and it helps us offer both pros and cons of the services. 

Editorial Sovereignty 

All our write-ups are sovereign and independent of the brands, and the content aims to serve the readers and not the services or brands. We focus on having editorial sovereignty rather than having a huge amount of positive reviews flooding the website. 

Affiliate Based Revenue System

The revenue generation of the website is not based on affiliate income. A majority of the reviews are free from the affiliate links. Our contents are not focused on steering the readers to the services or products; instead, it offers observations based on expert opinions and facts. 

Precise Details

Our website is based on only prestigious and expert websites to share comprehensive details to the readers. Expert editors’ team works with the highest precision when analyzing or evaluating the product or service in question.

In health and money, we prefer seeking assistance from the financial sectors and medical professionals’ experts.

Writing is an Art

The art of writing is not gifted to all humans. is equipped with a team of experts that are having rich expertise and experience in writing. All our writers are creative, and they value the vital and reliable information and promise to offer an optimal experience to the website’s visitors.

Quality Analysis and Control

Before publishing, all the contents undergo a strict editorial process where the content is cross-checked for the highest precision. The team of editors reviews every piece of writing to ensure the accuracy of the shared facts.

Guidelines for Reviews

Goals of Reviews

  • To help readers find reliable service and products
  • Develop a huge size of readers and community
  • Offer beneficial tips to readers
  • Update about scams and online frauds 

What Reviews are Available?

  • Beauty products
  • Online services
  • Financial services
  • Electronic products
  • Home decoration products and services
  • Health products
  • Garden decoration products and services
  • Real estate services
  • Online income opportunities
  • Online software 

Is Review Removed from

Yes, has the authority to remove any reviews with or without prior notification. The reviews without adherence to the set guidelines it is likely to get removed from the website. 

If the reviewer wants to remove or delete the previously posted review, they are allowed. never deletes or removes the already published reviews. 

Why are Few Reviews Not Published?

Few reviews are not published on the website. The website never publishes reviews that are not written in adherence to the set guidelines. The goal of the reviews must be to share relevant and genuine information with all readers. publishes both positive and negative reviews that are written according to the set guidelines. Users must register and verify their email, and upon successful account activation, the users can start submitting the reviews. The unverified accounts are not allowed to share or submit their reviews. 

Consumers Can’t Submit Reviews of Services and Products Which They Have Not Used.

As per the guidelines, only the consumers of the products and services can submit their experience with others via reviews on the website. Consumers who have not used the services or products are not allowed to submit reviews on the website.

If Reviews are Irrelevant

The website ensures that the reviews are coming directly from the original users. The reviews must be relevant to the products and services. The website never accepts or publishes messy content that is irrelevant. 

Posting Via Third Party never accepts the reviews published from the hired third party. It is considered the illegal market practice to triumph the competitions, and hence the website never posts or supports publishing the content via a hired third party. 

Zero Tolerance on Fake Reviews

Publish fake reviews about products and services is like violating the reviews guidelines and hence never accepts or support non-genuine and fake reviews. Account activation link is sent to all registered users to confirm their email, and it also helps protect the integrity of the published reviews. Publishing fake reviews on the website is not supported or promoted, and it may lead to account suspension.

No Duplicate Reviews on Same Product

According to the set review guidelines, never publishes second review content on the same product. The website is strictly against duplicate content, and hence it ensures that only fresh and new review is published about a product or service. 

Updating the already published review is allowed, but a second review cannot publish about the same product.    

Conclusion strives to offer only genuine and precise information and reviews to the readers as the leading review website. The website is still in the learning phase and attempting to evolve with time. 

However, we can’t guarantee 100% precision, but we strive to control the fake reviews and the commercial reviews on the website. 

The editorial team at has the authority to remove and not publish content that is not in adherence to the website’s review guidelines. If the review seems to be fake and offers invaluable and irrelevant information, it won’t get published. 

It is suggested to read the guidelines of the website before submitting and registering on If you have any concerns about the guidelines and reviews, please contact the admin team.