Top 10 Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Complete Information About Top 10 Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Are you looking for a reverse phone lookup service? The internet is full of online reverse phone lookup services. Some of them are free to use while others are paid. Some services are more reliable, efficient, and fast than others. But how can you find which reverse phone lookup service is best for you? 

There is no need to panic as we have described the top 10 reverse phone lookup services along with their pros and cons. Just have a look at them and then decide what is best for you. 

10 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services 

  • USPhoneLookup –  Overall best option.
  • USPhoneSearch – Quick extraction of results
  • NumLooker – Good for online people search
  • USsearch – Best to locate a phone number 
  • SpyDialer – Best to find who called me 
  • CocoFinder – Best to get basic information free
  • Spokeo – Best to get an individual phone number lookup report 
  • TruthFinder – Affordable phone reports 
  • Instant Checkmate – Best to get well-organized reports 
  • White Pages -The largest database of records 

1. USPhoneLookup- Overall Best Option

There are many reverse phone lookup services and every platform has a positive aspect. USPhoneLookup is one of those reverse phone lookup services that are considered an all-rounder. The platform is fast, efficient, and reliable. You can enjoy a free reverse phone lookup service without compromising on the quality of results. 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Free reverse phone lookup service
  • You can check this site to explore the extensive phone directory of the US. 
  • Efficient and fast 
  • Broad database of records 
  • Safe and private searches 


You may get unnecessary information like records. 

2. USPhoneSearch- Quick Extraction of Results

USPhoneLookup is another best reverse phone search service that provides a lot of useful information free of cost. It lets you look up a phone number anonymously without informing the target person. The platform is easy to use and doesn’t need specific knowledge or skills.


  • Perform a reverse phone lookup anonymously
  • Quick and efficient in its working
  • Provide useful information 


You can not purchase an individual report.

3. NumLooker-  Good for Online People Search 

NumLooker is an online people search platform that contains different lookup services including the reverse phone lookup service. It lets you check the caller ID immediately without picking up the call. Additionally, it is easy to access and use. 


  • Automatic mode 
  • Various search options
  • Easy to use 


Don’t provide occupation-related information. 

4. USsearch- Best to Locate a Phone Number 

USsearch is a reverse phone lookup service that you can use to find your old friends or family members. It also lets you search people using their phone number, address, name, and email address. 


  • Good to find basic initial information
  • Provide location history


  • There is no price page, users have to search to know the pricing plans. 
  • Not a fast search platform. 

5. SpyDialer- Best to Find Who Called Me

SpyDialer is an amazing reverse phone lookup service that lets you find the name of a person whose name is registered to a phone number. So it is a good option whenever you need to find the identity of an unknown caller. It also provides other search services such as email lookup and the voicemail check service. 


  • Offers voicemail check facility 
  • Anonymous Searches
  • No need to register yourself 


Provides limited information

6. CocoFinder-Best to Get Basic Information Free 

CocoFinder is a good option to get some basic information about a phone number without spending a single penny. It works especially well with mobile phones. It is a Chinese website that works only in the US. 


  • 4 different search options
  • Good working on mobile phones 
  • Completely free 


Send you to other premium sites for a full report. 

7. Spokeo- Best to Get an Individual Phone Number Lookup Report 

Spokeo is a well-known lookup service provider that lets you search for people online easily. It can be a good option if you want to search for a single person as it provides the option to purchase phone reports individually.  Its clean and professional interface is also praised. 


  • Comes with different search services
  • You can buy a single report. 
  • Provide a broad range of information. 


  • Data is not always up to date. 
  • Phone reports are confusing. 

8. TruthFinder- Affordable Phone Reports

TruthFinder is an affordable paid reverse phone lookup service that allows you to get a detailed background report of a phone number owner. Besides reverse phone lookup service it also provides a name Search option. 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Provide authentic information


Expensive for an individual phone report. 

9. Instant Checkmate- Best to Get Well-Organized Reports 

Instant Checkmate accesses a large number of records to make good and organized reports for you. The reverse phone lookup service is not on the front but it is among the provided search options. It covers almost all the landlines registered in the US. 


  • Provide a well-organized report
  • Let you find prison inmates
  • Various other search options 


No guarantee of results as some is given only as a percentage of likelihood. 

White Pages- The Largest Database of Records 

Whitepages is the first site that set the foundation of background checks and online phone directories. Now it offers various search options including the reverse phone lookup service. 


  • One of the largest database 
  • Offers various search options
  • It has apps for Android and iOS devices. 


It provides some basic information free of cost but to get a full report you need to buy its packages. 

Ending Remarks

Getting details about a phone number is no more a difficult task thanks to reverse phone lookup services. These services provide easy access to publicly available records about the target phone number. The above article contains the 10 best reverse phone lookup services on which you can rely. 

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