Simple Methods to Do Reverse Email Lookup (+ Tools)

Complete Information About Simple Methods to Do Reverse Email Lookup (+ Tools)

Data is the key decision-making factor today, especially in business communication. When we get emails from unknown senders, it is often necessary to do a reverse email lookup to figure out the sender’s identity. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to obtain accurate information about companies through their official emails. And even though there are plenty of reverse email lookup tools out there, not all of them are accurate and straightforward in use. This article will discuss how a reverse email lookup works and list some of the top tools with high accuracy rates. But first, let’s see which free methods you can use for the same purpose. 

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​​Social Media Platforms 

Any social media platform can work as a free reverse email lookup tool. It doesn’t matter if you use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or other similar websites; all of them can offer you info on people. For example, you can find out about someone’s date of birth, education, job, location, and even some other personal stuff that could help with identifying a person.  

The best thing about social media reverse email lookup is that you can find plenty of personal information about someone and have a higher chance of finding the person you are looking for. Besides, social media is free and easy to use. You only need to have a social media account on the platform.

Google Search 

As the most popular search engine, Google lets you do reverse email lookups for free. For many people, Google is the first go-to platform for running a reverse email lookup. By typing an email address, you can find out a lot about the person you are looking for. And if that person registered with forums or websites, it becomes even easier to find out more details about them. Google also offers the fastest results, even if sometimes not the most accurate. 

Now that we have identified which are the most used and efficient free reverse email lookup tools let’s see what some of the best paid ones can offer. Looking up people online for free might be a good idea if you are just trying to find a friend or lost family. However, if you run a business and need to recruit candidates, or if you are very serious about running a backlog check on someone, then you should definitely opt for one of the paid reverse email lookup tools below. 


TruthFinder is a detailed service that reports and provides access to public and private databases from the US. It’s available with a free trial, so you can check their website to discover more info. TruthFinder also provides information on where people have lived. 

You can easily use the TruthFinder app on your phone, which is available on both Android and iOS. The best part is that it also runs through dark web pages. TruthFinder provides detailed reports, and when it comes to pricing, its costs are not only transparent but also upfront. You can download reports of each phone number for only $2, and a reverse phone number search is available for only $5/month.

Instant Checkmate 

This tool makes it easier to find more phone numbers, not to mention that it also provides arrest history. One of its main advantages is that it’s available for a low price and updates information regarding phone numbers all the time. 

Instant Checkmate has a trial version that lasts just five days and costs only $1. As soon as the trial period ends, the searchers must pay $35 per month, as well as $28 per month with a quarterly subscription. The lookup feature for a reverse phone number is just $5/month.


SignalHire is a recruiting-specialized tool. However, it has many other applications that are useful for business and marketing development. SignalHire is also a handy tool that works for personal uses each time someone needs reverse lookups. 

SignalHire has a database of more than 650 million verified contacts. These contacts are available with their social media profiles, emails, and phone numbers. You can search in the database for names in bulk, as well as according to email, employment, and other criteria. 

This tool also offers a handy LinkedIn finder extension and gives professionals’ contact info with only one click. For this method to function properly, users should just install the SignalHire add-on to their Mozilla or Chrome browser. The plug works seamlessly with LinkedIn, GitHub, and other popular websites. 

People Finders 

People Finders is a user-friendly and basic platform that can provide detailed reports on the people you are looking for. The reports can provide info on where the people you need to look up have been living, their foreclosures, and their phone numbers. 

You don’t need a membership to subscribe to People Finders. The trial period of this tool is affordable and costs only $3, lasting three days. Cancel it as soon as three days have passed. If you don’t, the system will charge you $30 per month. If you want to cancel, you will need to pay another $8.

People Looker 

People Looker has many features that are rather enjoyable, 100% confidential, and follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act rules. It’s also user-friendly and functions on Android and iOS, costing $1 for the 5-day trial. 

People Looker is a professional tool for those who want to simplify the search process and prefer not to waste their time with complicated interfaces. People Looker is only $23, yet if you decide on a 3-month subscription, you should pay only $19/month. 


BeenVerified is a premier service for those who need accurate data from database scans and records. Use this service for the most detailed background checks. 

When it comes to reporting, BeenVerified scans multiple databases and provides plenty of information on available email addresses, social media handles, server locations, opened businesses, past work experience, older email accounts, and even criminal records. All in all, this email reverse lookup tool is very efficient, easy to use, and costs under $30 a month.

Social Catfish 

This reverse email lookup tool validates emails to assess social media handles and email addresses that are suspicious. It doesn’t provide as accurate reports as BeenVerified, but it has a simple interface and works more like an investigative tool. 

Social Catfish is useful for businesses and enterprises because the information it provides is indeed very helpful. As it scans through public records data points, it’s a high-quality tool for serious recruiters and employers. 

Social Catfish comes with prices at 5-day sign-on to monthly subscription plans. If you want, you can hire someone to conduct in-depth investigations by paying a one-time fee. 

Email Sherlock 

This tool is an identity verifier for free reverse email lookups. If you want more advanced searches, you could pay for other services. The good news is that Email Sherlock is free. It offers information on address syntax, valid domain names, email servers, and data about scam emails. 

However, Email Sherlock does provide inaccurate response data, and its scan capabilities are not that advanced. You won’t want to use it if you run a large business. Enterprises and corporations should rely on paid services. 

The advantage of Email Sherlock is that it’s free to use and works fast. If you don’t want to waste time conducting searches, this reverse email lookup tool can do the job for you. 

Reverse email lookup tools are useful if you want to run detailed searches on email addresses, names, past work experience, domain names, and so on. Some of these tools offer free services, but it would be a better idea to opt for their paid versions because you obtain more accurate results and are not limited in the number of searches. But, of course, all tools have their pros and cons, so you should choose any methods that work for your particular goals.

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