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Redwood Highway Accident {May} Check Incident Details!

What happened in the Redwood Highway Accident. What is the cause of the fatal accident? Let’s read the article, and please stay connected with us.

Have you heard about the fatal accident that happened on Redwood Highway? Do you know when the accident took place? If not, we are here to tell you about this deadly accident in detail. On Monday, 23rd May, a motor vehicle accident occurred on Redwood Highway. According to the local news, one victim is from Brazil, and the other is from Selma. Now we are going to reveal how the Redwood Highway Accident happened. So, continue to read the article very carefully.

Redwood Accident Details.

The accident occurred at Clear Clark near milepost 19 on US Highway 199. After the preliminary investigation by Oregon State Police, it was revealed that on Monday, 23rd May, 29-year-old Jesse Kozechen from Brazil was driving a white Volkswagen Bug. The northbound Volkswagen Bug suddenly turned to avoid the traffic that had reduced speed for a turning vehicle. Suddenly turning the car, the operator overadjusted, lost control and slid to the southbound lane. From the southbound lane, 62-year-old Eileen Huss from Selma was coming into a Ford Escape, and suddenly they collided with each other. After hearing about the Redwood Highway Accident case, the Oregon State Police immediately came to rescue them.

After this fatal accident, the Oregon State Police Collision Reconstruction Team closed Highway 199 for two hours to investigate. The Oregon State Police set up a temporary detour on Draper Valley Road to avoid problems. Now, let us explore the whereabouts of the operators in the car.

What happened to the operators of the cars?

Jesse Kozechen suffered great injuries, and he died on the spot. Eileen Huss is admitted to the nearby hospital with some injuries after the Redwood Highway Accident, and his two-year-old passenger is safe and uninjured. And we will hope for the soon recovery of Eileen Huss. 

But according to the Rural Metro Fire, a big white dog described as a wolf/shepherd/husky mix is missing from the accident zone. The Rural Metro Fire asked the public to contact any animal control if they spotted the dog. But some say the dog is not missing; it is dead because of the collision. Other information will come into the spotlight after the end of the whole investigation. 

Who assisted the Oregon State Police in the Redwood Highway Accident case?

American Medical Response, Josephine County Sheriff’s Office, the Oregon Department of Transportation, and the Illinois Valley Fire District assisted the Oregon State Police in this fatal accident case. And people expect from the Oregon State Police do their duty very efficiently. 

The Closing Thoughts:

Accidents on highways are now common. We should always drive safely and obey traffic rules properly. By clicking the below-mentioned link, you can see how many accidents daily happen because of our unconsciousness. Moreover, know such road incidents in the US. We hope that fatal collisions like the Redwood Highway Accident decrease in numbers. 

Have you witnessed any deadly accidents like this? Please comment below.

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