Proud Makatizen Ayuda {Aug} What Is It Portal About?

Proud Makatizen Ayuda 2021
Proud Makatizen Ayuda {Aug} What Is It Portal About? >> Give a read to be familiar with what all services are provided to Makati citizens via the crypto portal.

Across the Philippines, the Makati city is considered a financial, economic and commercial centre in Asia. This city is famous and is located in the metropolitan area.

The Proud Makatizen Ayuda Portal is made to provide financial assistance via the government through Gcash. Well, today, we are here to disclose the notes presenting the Makatizen Ayuda information. So, let’s review the content and analyse what does the Makatizen proud Ayuda providing.

What Is Proud Makatizen?

Proud Makatizen is a portal made for the citizens of Makati, giving various citizens relief facilities. Through the portal of Proud Makatizen, one can register themselves for getting covid19 vaccine, vaccine registration for Pneumonia, P5K Maka- Tulong, online appointment, Ayuda number update and Proud Makatizen Ayuda

So all these services are mentioned on the home page of the portal These services are for Makati City people. One may also get Blue card senior updates and also register as a MASB merchant.

What Services Are Given By The Portal?

For the residents of Makati, the portal provides the following services:

  •  Covid19 vaccine registration 
  •  Pneumonia vaccine registration 
  •   Accreditation of vaccine registration 
  •  Online appointment 
  •  Ayuda Makati 
  •  Ayuda number update 
  •  BluCard senior update 
  •  Registration as MASB Merchant 

About Proud Makatizen Ayuda

The proud makatizen help provides essential information regarding aid distribution. DSWD issues the list by the National Government( Department of social welfare and development). Suppose any residents had already got financial assistance via the government with Gcash. One will get an SMS saying 1. Your name is on the list and is guaranteed to get beneficiary assistance of P1k 2. You must check if the mobile number and Gcash stated in the previous receipt are still active and correct.

One can get the assistance of P1k within twenty-four hours, confirming that the Gcash number is active and correct.

Read Proud Makatizen Ayuda Contact Information 

Contact Information Of Makatizen Ayuda:

For any queries regarding the Ayuda registration, you may call on

  1. 8870-1634
  2. 8899-8997
  3. 8899-9037

Once you visit the Ayuda Makati, you need to fill in the last name, first name and Barangay information for getting qualified to access the Ayuda Makati. 

Other Related Information 

There is also a Makatizen Card made for Makatizen as a Unified ID for carrying out cashless transactions anytime.

It’s a valid card issued as an ID by the Government with an NFC feature. The cardholders have the benefit to get different financial services via Gcash. 

Visit the official portal of Makatizen Ayuda:  


Proud Makatizen Ayuda is a portal for citizens of Makatizen. However, the website is legit and gives aid to the Makatizens. One can track their identity by entering the ID number.

This article displays all authentic knowledge of the Makatizen portal. 

Are you a Makati Citizen? Ever got an opportunity to access any of the services via the Makatizen proud portal? Comment down 

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