Pay Online (Apr) Read Details! Pay Online Pay Online (Apr) Read Details! >> The people looking for property tax information can read this article as it could be beneficial for those who want to pay these taxes.

Are you looking to know about the Los Angeles property tax information? During the pandemic, all the information and processes are happening online, and every government portal deals online with all the processes.

We will review here the Pay Online system for the people of the United States.

So stay with us to know about every information how you can pay the property taxes.

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What is the latest news?

The portal is flashing the latest news that all the office buildings are closed, and they are not operational from March 16, 2020. This is because of the current prevailing situation of covid-19, and they are closed until further notice.

This means they are not entertaining the people on person basis for property tax payment. People have to use the online payment method to make payments of e-check, debit or credit card payments, debit card or telephone credit payments or any other payments on the portal.

Are there any extra charges on these online payments as per Pay Online.?

  • Payments that will be made through e-check payment have no charges levied on them.
  • The payment which will be made online for credit or debit card transactions, the card payment system will charge service fee at 2.22 %.
  • The least service fee applicable, of amount 1.49 dollars.

How is the website supporting?

By visiting the official portal,, one can find various information mentioned below-

  • One can find the due taxes.
  • You can request a replica or copy of original bill also
  • You can check the payment history.
  • You can find the information on the top 5 Do’s and Don’ts on the Pay Online portal.
  • The portal also shows the information related to how one can avoid penalties that would be beneficial to many United States people.

What will additional information be there?

The government portal will also provide some additional information of the four-county’s departments that are involved process of the tax related to property. They will provide answers to all your property-related property tax-related questions.

Reach for more information:

  • For the Treasurer and Tax Collector access the portal via the link and can contact at number – 213-974-2111 if you want to know the tax payment.
  • For the Auditor-Controller access the portal via the link and can contact at number – 213- 974-8368 in case you want to know the actual tax rates on Pay Online.
  • For the Assessor access the portal via the link and can contact at number – 213- 974-3211 if you want to assess the value of your property.
  • For the Assessment Appeals Board access the portal via the link and can contact at number – 213-974-1471 if you seek appealing decisions on your assessed value and subsequent tax bill.


The Government, along with the people of the country, is facing the challenging time. But the people and the Government are committed to each other’s safety, and they have formed this way out.

Read all the information related to property tax; you can check the links mentioned earlier and the government portal Pay Online.

Do you have any property tax issues? Please share your concern in the comment section below.

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