Why Is It a Good Idea To Use Private Proxies for Web Scraping?

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Private Proxies for Web Scraping: Understanding how a market behaves and its trends are the most important things that will help you grow your business and make decisions to increase revenue at the end of the fiscal year. However, extracting data that your analysts can analyze and work their magic with is not as easy as it seems.

Data gathering tools use web scraping to collect data from targeted websites and give you a valuable source of information you can use to draw business decisions and sweep your competition on every level.

However, web scraping relies on additional tools to scrape high-end websites, which use protection and safety protocols to prevent an overflow of data from one IP address and prevent data collectors from doing their job.

Proxy servers are the best thing you can invest in when you do web scraping, and not using them might end your Bot program’s effort to gather data quickly. Let’s find out which type of proxy is the best for web scraping.

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Common types of proxies

Depending on what you need a proxy server for, you can choose many different types, all unique in their functions and capabilities. In reality, you can find a proxy server configured for a specific purpose if you already know the types of requests you will be sending.

Here are some of the most common types of proxies that can keep your actions, location, and IP anonymous.

Shared proxy

Shared proxies are one of the most common ones as they’re the cheapest proxy services you can afford quite easily, even on a low budget. The reason for the low price is that you would share the same server with more users and divide costs evenly. 

The downside of shared proxies is that you share the same IP address with all the users connected, and if one of you gets a ban on a certain server, you’re all banned from entering the site. Another issue is slower request-response, as you all share the same bandwidth.

Private proxies

Private proxies are the opposite of shared ones, as you get a server dedicated only to you. If you want to do serious web scraping, a private proxy is a far better choice than a shared one, as you will have all the bandwidth at your disposal.

Investing in private proxies requires a bigger budget. However, when you do the math on how much you gain by not choosing a shared one, you will consider your investment a success. Web scraping requires faster internet speed, and private proxies are the best choice. If you consider acquiring private proxies for your business purposes, learn more about private proxies. 

Anonymous proxy

If you’re looking to hide your real IP address and stay anonymous while browsing the web, anonymous proxies are one of the most common proxy server services. While browsing a website, an anonymous proxy will keep your real IP hidden and show your identity on the visited website as a proxy user only. 

Anonymous proxies are good if you want to avoid targeting operations like those in digital marketing and Google ads following you everywhere whenever you read or click on something.

Benefits of using private proxies for scraping

As mentioned above, internet speed is essential for performing an effective web scraping operation, and private proxies are the best decision you can make to enhance its performance. 

A private proxy increases your security by adding a layer of protection between you and the targeted website to protect your identity. Additionally, using a private proxy server with a dynamic IP address will help you avoid being banned on sites with a limited Crawl Rate by changing the IP continuously and acting as multiple users.

An alternative to a server with a dynamic IP approach is a pool of private proxy servers performing web crawling on a targeted website and showing multiple IP addresses and a normal data flow per user. 

Another benefit of using a private proxy is accessing forbidden geographical domains that you could never visit by using your standard internet connection. Many companies use this benefit to gather information on other markets with geo-blocking enabled.

Investing in a private proxy server for web scraping seems like a logical solution compared to other choices like shared proxies. 


Deciding to invest in tools for web scraping will help your business grow by collecting valuable data to build your marketing strategy. Today’s market goes through never-ending changes, and keeping up with the trends is almost impossible without using modern tools such as web scraping bots and proxy servers.

If you’re considering a proxy server as the best solution to get the best performance of your web scraping bot, a private option is far better than any other cheaper option.

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